It’s just an illusion

Out of the fog

I’d just like to say that the fog that surrounded me for a while there since Christmas appears to have gone. I had a day of real joy yesterday (until I pranged my car but managed to look past it – so what if the door doesn’t open and the side light is hanging on a stalk?). This quote I found yesterday helped restore the good mood after my self inflicted accident with a pillar.

Look beyond the imperfections

Anyway, the best thing yesterday was that I recognised the day for what it was, from the start. I really appreciated that my day started as good as it gets, just at home with no plans at all, happy and wanting to get so much done, both ‘chores’ and fun stuff like reading. I realised that the unforgettable moments in life aren’t always in a particularly stunning place or with a particular person but because you feel so light and happy. And it can happen anytime.

I bothered to grab pen and paper to write down why I was so joyous, what I was doing, what was on my to do list for the day, trying to capture that feeling to recreate it another time, but I realised there was nothing to pin down. I just was joyous. I knew my joy would return and this time I managed to be present and make the most of it.

This photo on Pinterest today captured my attention. It made me realise that the fog may always be there but it’s fairly thin around you in the now. Not much bad generally happens in each moment to look like your world is bleak. You only really see fog if you look into the distance, geographically or in time.

If you look at the past, you are seeing all the bad past experiences gathered together, which, like fog, stack up and look thick and murky. Similarly if you are worrying about the future and you look into the distance, all the worries may appear one behind the other, looking foggy and scary. But when you get to the future, even if the 4% of your fears actually come to pass, they will be spread out, and where you are standing in each moment will still look clear. There is never thick fog actually around where you stand.

I wish I could explain it better. I guess I am trying to say ‘remember to recognise the good moments between the scary ones and celebrate them fully as they appear’. The fog only looks that bad if you look too far from where you are. Here and now is usually OK and sometimes even better.


10 thoughts on “It’s just an illusion

  1. Emma, I wish we knew when we needed to reach out. As friends we connect on such a surface level here, even though we have found levels that also reach beyond some of our most deepest places, we still kind of wait until we hear from each other without really knowing where to go to say… HOW ARE YOU? But I have missed you! Glad you are back! Great post!

    • Oh you sweetie! Yes it’s a bit of a rollercoaster but at least I can recognise and really appreciate the good times. I think it’s a bit like how ‘poor’ people really appreciate the good stuff in life because they don’t take it for granted when it comes. I hope your book is taking shape and you are enjoying the moulding. I know the song will be awesome and I can’t wait to hear it, once you trust your lyric writing voice. I hope to blog here tomorrow, now that I’m home again. Hugs dear one.

    • Thank you! That is the highest honour when you write something that makes sense to someone else and even better when it helps πŸ™‚ I think that’s why we blog, to be of help to the world somehow, even if it’s one little aha moment for one person. Plus it helps me. Who knows where we find what we do when we take the time to look deep inside.

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