I dare ya!

Skull oil lamp

How do we keep our blogs burning? I spend a lot of time on the blogging world because I read every post of every blog I follow and there are quite a few. Something I have noticed though is that many I am drawn to started within a few months of when I started. Do we have the same level of freshness/enthusiasm/naiveté? Are we on this journey together and how fast do each of us travel? Some have exponential growth in followers, and some none at all. One has only written two posts but I wait with baited breath for the third. Others have years of archives I long to explore.

The other thing I noticed is that some people appear to have stopped writing their blog. I follow a few diet type blogs because my other blog is helping me lose a little weight. What happened to those people who stopped? The last post of one implies that he has fallen off the wagon and started to eat unhealthily again. What are the consequences of stopping a questioning, feel-good type blog like I hope this one is? Could it be that I have become depressed and have nothing in my oil lamp to keep it burning? Would you continue to follow after a year if I didn’t post?

Perhaps I am drawn to the kind of blogs where the humble writers don’t have all the answers and are seeking them, or maybe that describes all of mankind, in some way or another. I have a passing interest in non soul searching blogs such as how to be a blogger and the latest trends and photography. I satisfy my curiosity for the new on Pinterest more now also. But there is no connection there except where the blogger posts comments on my posts and I feel I know them and care about them as people. The information only blogs only attract my attention sporadically. This is why it’s called social media I expect!

So back to you, my wonderful blogging friends. What does your oil consist of? How are you today? How does your mood affect whether you blog or not? Do you take the time to keep putting oil in the lamp, however you enrich your soul, enough to dare to blog? For it is a dare, really, a great act of courage to say anything at all and hit publish. I have looked back at some of my past posts and think ‘what rubbish!’ but the point is the confidence with which we write, not what we actually say. The confidence to hope that one other soul (or our own soul) gets some benefit from it. I applaud every post I have written, rubbish or otherwise and all of yours! You did it!  The lights are on!

Light bulb lamp

Just some random thoughts from a scrambled egg mind. I didn’t think I’d blog today….


It’s just an illusion

Out of the fog

I’d just like to say that the fog that surrounded me for a while there since Christmas appears to have gone. I had a day of real joy yesterday (until I pranged my car but managed to look past it – so what if the door doesn’t open and the side light is hanging on a stalk?). This quote I found yesterday helped restore the good mood after my self inflicted accident with a pillar.

Look beyond the imperfections

Anyway, the best thing yesterday was that I recognised the day for what it was, from the start. I really appreciated that my day started as good as it gets, just at home with no plans at all, happy and wanting to get so much done, both ‘chores’ and fun stuff like reading. I realised that the unforgettable moments in life aren’t always in a particularly stunning place or with a particular person but because you feel so light and happy. And it can happen anytime.

I bothered to grab pen and paper to write down why I was so joyous, what I was doing, what was on my to do list for the day, trying to capture that feeling to recreate it another time, but I realised there was nothing to pin down. I just was joyous. I knew my joy would return and this time I managed to be present and make the most of it.

This photo on Pinterest today captured my attention. It made me realise that the fog may always be there but it’s fairly thin around you in the now. Not much bad generally happens in each moment to look like your world is bleak. You only really see fog if you look into the distance, geographically or in time.

If you look at the past, you are seeing all the bad past experiences gathered together, which, like fog, stack up and look thick and murky. Similarly if you are worrying about the future and you look into the distance, all the worries may appear one behind the other, looking foggy and scary. But when you get to the future, even if the 4% of your fears actually come to pass, they will be spread out, and where you are standing in each moment will still look clear. There is never thick fog actually around where you stand.

I wish I could explain it better. I guess I am trying to say ‘remember to recognise the good moments between the scary ones and celebrate them fully as they appear’. The fog only looks that bad if you look too far from where you are. Here and now is usually OK and sometimes even better.

Who’s singing now?

Birds Singing

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song – Lou Holz

What does it take to make the birds sing every morning? Will they sing, good mood or bad, cold or wet, tired or afraid? I suspect they will, because they have a song and nothing will deter them from it. They are preprogrammed to sing. They know that’s what they do and it doesn’t occur to them to do otherwise as the sun comes up each day. And it probably makes them feel great! I learned that even faking a smile raises your happiness levels so those birds are probably on to something.


Let the Birds Sing


The birds in Sydney are noisy. The Kookaburras compete with the screeching Cockatoos, who drown out the Whip Birds and I think the rainbow coloured Lorikeets make a terrible racket, to be honest, much as I am in awe of their looks. With flowers, the sweetest smelling seem to be the plainest and perhaps so it is with birds; that the most beautiful make the worst noise and vice versa.

Anyway, back to the premise of this lovely quote, which is that we all have a song within us somewhere; a talent, a love for something, a gift perhaps. How often do we sing though? What stops us? What increases our confidence to new heights, full of ideas and certainty and inspiration one minute and then whips it all away?

I think that finding what you love, be it reading blogs or books, or admiring painting or photography etc will eventually lead to getting the confidence to create your own. Baby steps, a few notes which hopefully burgeon into a song or even an album.

I’ve read this morning of some people starting their blogs because they just enjoyed reading others’ blogs and wanted to have their own, and having to look for a subject to ‘sing ‘about. They found their voice and sung. Yay for them.

For others like me, it’s an outlet, a voice. I must sing, I simply must. My song is unfolding.


Find your song and sing it

Wishing you all a lovely song today and a bumptious and joyous rendition!




Take a closer look

Raquel Welch

Being in a rush today, with dripping hair and a headache, I typed in ‘Vintage quotes’ on Pinterest because I am so impressed by the stunning images (and now GIFs – moving snapshots) on Old World Vintage Charm but instead of finding any amazing images like she uses, I scrolled down and down and found this one in there. How someone tagged this as Vintage quote, I don’t know.

Anyway I think this is terrific. This woman was/is long hailed as having an awesome body, so let’s take a look. Tiny waist, great curves (accentuated by the pose), shoulders and hips in proportion and seemingly endless legs.

If you look closer though, and if women wanted to be critical (I am sure there are no men complaining) you could say that she has a little pot belly, just an extra little mound below her belly button; and she has hips (god forbid, a woman has hips???); and some women with these legs might call them ‘chicken legs’, meaning much larger thighs than calves like a drumstick. There’s a slight chance (judging by the lack of tan underneath) that if she let go of her breasts, she might fail the ‘pencil test’ where hiding a pencil under your boob is a real possibility because it would be held in place by the folds (must remember that next time I want to hide something).

My point here is one that I often come to the conclusion of. It’s not what you see, it’s how you see it. I will take the pot belly, chicken legs, rounded breasts and thighs any day. How about I just accept them on myself? (no chicken legs here, just tree trunks). I think the trick to appreciating life is to let all the analysis and criticism go, and just


Disapproving Owl


The Invisible Swimming Pool

Invisible swimming pool

It’s going to be 43 degrees here in Sydney today, so I thought I’d take the chance to swim before work instead of blogging! At 7am now, it’s already roasting.

I guess as long as I remember why I blog (makes me happy) and keep some perspective (swimming when the pool is this warm makes me even happier) I can’t lose.

What’s your invisible swimming pool? Has it tempted you away from blogging anytime recently?

Finding the Artist in You

Life is Art


Hear, hear! Here’s to unique, creative, artistic people! Wow, I guess the part about decorating your home seems obvious but now I think about it, the rest make perfect sense too, even the way you love someone.

I guess we were brought up thinking that art is only paintings and it has subtly been expanded to encompass many things, even graffiti. Andy Warhol comes to mind in this regard.

So why are all these other things considered art by this unknown author? (I found this on Pinterest). They seem to be talking about style but I agree that style is art. And everyone has their own style. Style is neither good nor bad.

If we agree that you each have a certain style and that what you are creating is art, what then makes us stylish and creative? It’s those million and one little decisions we have to make each day, even about what to put on our grocery list. Each decision is a personal choice, an expression of who we are. We are creating our world every second. We are creating art.

I think this is a great way to look at the mundane and not so mundane in our lives. It’s a way to see things differently; to appreciate ourselves more. We are out there, we are doing this, it’s not a rehearsal. If we can appreciate as we go about our day that we are putting ourselves out there, taking risks and creating something unique to us, that tells the world about us, we may grow a little in confidence.

And if you’ve gone one step further and created a blog, showcasing in essence who you are, then there is no doubt you’re an artist. Congratulations!


Where will you be at 103?

dont compare your beginning to someone else's middle

I could have just used the quote ‘Don’t compare’ and stopped there. Using comparison is a natural way of learning so it sticks with us but it can paralyse us also if we feel insecure and therefore feel a yearning to compete. I once read that the Amish people made incredibly beautiful things because they couldn’t see what else there was in the world and be intimidated by it. So they worked on their own styles, developing their beginnings into middles.

When I started blogging I was afraid to read others’ blogs because I knew I would be intimidated. But I had missed the whole point and therein lay my lesson. Not that my outpourings suck and that I am quite immature compared to other bloggers but that it was needless to compare my beginnings to their middles and of course I could learn so much from other bloggers, like having lots of wise aunties and grandparents, or creative and fun young people around to converse with.

How is your middle looking? Are you a newborn, child, teenager, young adult or oldie in this world of blogging? Have you started just the one, focused blog or had ten previous ones which fell by the wayside as you tried to work out who you were or what you really wanted to write about?

It doesn’t matter what you’ve posted on your blog or where you are now. And nothing you’ve posted in the past needs editing. If you’re blogging, you’re moving. Moving into yourself, taking detours, learning, growing, surprising yourself and learning more than you ever could about life, than from a book or a lecture or a wise person. Writing your blogs teaches you more than reading them. It teaches me about myself, my insecurities, my strengths, on good days anyway, and what I am capable of bearing in feedback from others. It teaches me to keep going, try things anyway, let go of the external outcomes and focus on the internal ones.

Spending time at the computer may seem like a waste but the world is right there at your fingertips. A world of thoughts, images and ideas, memory joggers and fresh views. And as you seek out like minded people or even completely different people if you want something completely new every day, you are still becoming more you. It’s like a case of ‘I’ll know it when I see it’ because you don’t know what you are looking for but this is a much faster way to see it.

So how are your beginnings looking? I feel like I begin anew every day. I have no clue what I will write about. Sometimes what I find inside makes sense to me and sometimes it seems to make more sense to others. Perhaps I am helping you become more you when something I write reinforces a belief of yours, or jogs your memory, or best of all, makes you curious and question your own beliefs.

So to all you curious bloggers out there, enjoy your beginnings, be proud of your middles and may we all end up together, still blogging until we have to blog in whatever way we can. I will try voice recognition software one day! May I get to blog about incontinence and retirement and dating the only centenarian for miles. Or maybe make up stories and live in a fantasy world completely removed from the trappings of being 90.

That would be an awesome way to spend my ‘old’ age! Surrounded by a world of friends of all types and ages on the internet, I can continue to evolve and become the real me. Might take me till I’m 103…..

Will you still be at it?

Don’t Put Off your Happy Life

Dont put off your happy life

(Illustration by Linzie Hunter)

I love this concept that we all have a Happy Life inside us! I know I certainly have one. I also know I personally have built any walls that temporarily keep me from it. Beliefs and attitudes and even brain connections and pre-programmed reactions that don’t serve me try hard to keep me away. But that Happy Life is shining behind through the gaps in the bricks, like the sun keeps shining behind the clouds. What a lovely surprise when you go up in an airplane, yet so obvious.

If I could stop whatever I am doing more often and ask what is between me and my Happy Life at this exact point in time, I might remove a brick or two. In fact Anthony Robbins says ‘Nothing has to change for you to be happy’. I know he means externally so if I can run with that, I can instantly remove the thoughts putting off my Happy Life and let some rays through.

I see many people whose lives are so filled with achieving every minute, dutiful to their families and the things they think they should do. They drive kids here and there, work extra hours to pay for gifts for others that they feel they should give to be seen as generous, sacrifice everything. I know that gives them great happiness. All that duty isn’t for me though. It’s only when I am still and fully present that the sun bursts forth and blinds me.

My happy life personally involves me-time and giving to myself what only I know that I need. I just need the stillness and space to make sense of it all. And while I am here I might as well get out the best china, wear the more delicate dresses, eat the expensive berries and actually sit by the pool instead of cleaning it!

Anyway I digress. Imagine sitting in the sun and it goes behind a cloud. You are suddenly very cold. You look up to see how long it will take to pass and gauge whether you should go indoors. You look to see how fast the clouds are moving and how light and sparse, or dark or solid they are. And when they do pass, the effect is immediate and huge. That sun warms like nothing else, except perhaps bliss. Perhaps we should look at our ‘problems’ as clouds, knowing that our Happy, sunny life is right above.

It’s cloudy right now, but I am picturing the sun doing its thing right above them instead. It’s a great feeling. My Happy Life is already here if only I remember.

Hello Sunshine

Beautiful people do not just happen

The most beautiful people

This is one of my beliefs, borne since becoming a blogger (which actually means reading others’ blogs more than writing my own). I am most drawn to and in awe of the people with ‘an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life’ or the will to understand it. You are beautiful.

So this little post is for the other bloggers out there with enough to say (or photograph) and the need to say or show it that they grabbed the confidence to share with the world.

I think the only difference between artists and others who would not call themselves creative is that artists take time to slow down, examine the world, find enough space between their ego and their inner self to let go and put themselves (their work) on the line (heehee online). We are not on a driven path (not anymore anyway) to somewhere but more in the present, observing. We are explorers in a way, pushing boundaries as soon as we see them.

Bloggers = writers = artists using words (or photographs) instead of paint.  Artists have a reputation for being unstable, depressed, doing their ‘best work’ when down etc etc. Think Van Gogh, musicians etc. If we were permanently ‘depressed’ we wouldn’t be getting out of bed long enough to blog. We have beautiful highs also. If depression is a distant memory it still shapes us and if it hangs around threatening to rear its ugly head it makes us appreciate the good times even more. Win win if you look at it the right way.

Anyway I digress. Thanks to the beautiful people out there taking unpaid time to write and share. Thank you for your gifts; they are much appreciated.


Baby kiss

Revealing the Truth

A great writer reveals the truth even when he or she does not wish to – TOM BISSELL

This is a WordPress quote on writing that I want to explore. Why on earth would you reveal the truth if you do not wish to? Surely you can go back and edit. There is a certain power in writing. You can be the master of the world you create. You can form stories and characters exactly as you want them. Are we control freaks, trying to tame the world? We get to choose the outcomes, which you don’t usually get to in life. We get to show the sides of ourselves that we want the world to see. Or do we?

I suppose if you just free flow write, ‘the truth will out’ as we write what we know about, even when writing fiction. There will always be an element of what we know even if we rearrange the tiny pieces to form new stories. It’s impossible to write about rocket science or in Japanese if you have no knowledge of them. I don’t believe you have to be a great writer thought to reveal the truth. You can be any sort of writer.

The kind of truth that I think Tom may be referring to is the truth of who you are as a person, at this current moment on time. We change moment by moment as events happen and change our thinking and beliefs. If you are open to lessons they are everywhere and you are minutely changed. Whether you see the lessons or analyse them is another thing. Are you caught up in life (reacting) or observing and learning from it?

Anyway I digress. So if you write honestly and freely, your beliefs and perceptions and your personality, in effect the ‘truth’ about yourself will come out. Optimism, attention to detail, spirituality, sense of humour, seriousness, knowledge of your subject will all be shown in your writing whether you are writing a paper on molecular biology or what you had for dinner last night. The truth I am talking about here is about the writer, his personality and his mood. I like to use quotes around the word ‘truth’ because nearly everything is subjective. What I see is not what you see. I once had a job typing up interviews with witnesses to motor accidents. Everyone’s version (up to 5 each time) was so different and I have no doubt that each believed they knew the ‘truth’. I learned about accepting others and not hanging on so rigidly to my own ideas. We cannot and do not need to be ‘right’. You can believe that someone else believes something, even if you don’t believe it yourself. You can accept a sea of possibilities exists and that each are ok.

Some days you can write and write and others you may get writer’s block where you feel you have nothing. Nothing flows through you. Your heart is still. You are putting limits on yourself somehow. Are you afraid of what will come out? Have you lost confidence that what you write is going to be any ‘good’?

So back to the quote! If Tom assumes a ‘great’ writer writes great stuff, worthy of reading, thought provoking; personality, belief or even just mood changing stuff, then I think he is also assuming that the truth is great. The truth changes you once you believe it to be the truth. How open are we to what we read? How truthful do we find it? Do we look to agree or disagree with it? Our interpretation of other’s (great?) writing can reveal ‘truths’ about our own beliefs to us, even if we don’t agree with it. What we do with that information is up to us.

Food for thought. Thanks Tom