Set yourself free – one way or another

Angel in the marble

I found some ‘wisdom from the masters’ on Pinterest today – the whole point of creating this blog, much as I have digressed in any old direction with the blog as well as the posts.

Isn’t that what we are all doing with our lives – carving ourselves until we set ourselves free? What does your day consist of? How do you carve? With diet and exercise, learning and study, working and earning money?

I’m going to create a conversation between Eckhart Tolle and Michelangelo.

In response to this quote, I imagine Eckhart would say that the angel was already free; he already existed in Michelangelo’s mind and didn’t need setting free. The angel didn’t need anyone to complete him. He didn’t need time or being carved or more of anything to be complete. The angel can just enjoy being, enjoy the now. Joy is now after all.

Eckhart is assuming that the angel has no ego and doesn’t need to show off his beautiful form. And Michelangelo, if he has an ego as most people do, might argue that it is his life’s work to follow his passion, to share his talents, to show the world what exists in his mind, to create and leave his mark.

So what are you creating today? Anything that will be remembered 5 years, a year, a month, a week from now? Will you remember today next week or will it blur into yesterday, a tiny brick in the life you are building? 


Alternatively, do you go by Eckhart’s thinking, that you are already complete, that there is already a thin person inside you, that you are a brilliant and successful book writer, as soon as you carve your book and prove it, which you don’t need to, that you are already a rich person, meaning that you don’t need a thing? Future and time will not complete you, as you are already complete, so just relax and enjoy each day.

It’s your life.  Your choice.  You do what you like.  I hope you can think both ways.  It sure passes my years enjoyably toying with these ideas.





3 thoughts on “Set yourself free – one way or another

  1. The way I see it Emma, the Advaita people (Eckhart, Gangaji, Adyashanti and all those who talk about non-duality), are right. We are already free. We are complete, we have everything. We are already whole. The trouble is, we have very firm beliefs that tell us otherwise. This life is about removing those beliefs. This life is about freeing the angel from the marble, because it DOES need freeing. Only we can do it by recognizing an idea and dropping it. This is a good post for discussion, Emma, and a wonderful, wonderful quote.

    • Ooh, I’ve never heard of the Advaita people. How exciting that they can be categorised! Is there anything you haven’t studied? ‘Recognise an idea and drop it’ – I don’t know which part is harder. OK I will go free a few angels. A blogger described editing writing as ‘trimming the fat’ – I like that too. So we trim the marble, take things away in order to improve. Always, the letting go at the end of the day.

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