Action Stations 2 – dream advice

Back to Barbara Sher‘s philosophy (think I will forget Picasso. I have digressed too far).



So, if we figure out what we were put on this planet to do, what we would feel unfulfilled in life on some level if we didn’t do. Would we rush to do it?

Hell no, probably not! Our resistance rises up and stops us. It would make us anxious doing that thing we want to do, so some part of our brain says don’t do it, be safe, stay here on the sofa and eat and watch TV instead. And I do!

Do you have anything inside you, which you often ponder on and even sometimes declare you will do, but don’t even get started? For me I would like to write a book (fact or fiction) on relationships and love, or paint paintings, or create videos or an online magazine, or be the next Oprah or be a career/life coach and help people like Barbara does, or be the person that escorts VIPs onto their private jets and yachts, making brilliant conversation in 4 languages (when I’ve fully mastered them) and making them laugh along the way (most odd I know, why am I sharing my weirdest secrets here?), or write hit songs in the style of Christina Aguilera for my singing daughter Katrina Capell, or in the style of Adele for my singing daughter Lucia Capell, or be a public speaker on some subject or other (yup, got over my fear of public speaking luckily) or, or, or….. Do you see my problem? A true Scanner (jack of all trades, interested in far too many things to settle on just one).

But less about me. Have you ever brainstormed like that? Perhaps if you did it every day for a week and exercised that muscle, you might find further dreams hidden in the recesses of your wishing brain. And just maybe if you found/created a large enough group of people, they could help you achieve one of your dreams and remind you to keep going until you got there even if you had to back off for a couple of months in the middle of your journey and be mentors to each other.

And who knows how you’d feel if you achieved a dream? You might hate it. Am I afraid of success? You bet. Why would anyone pay me large sums of money to do anything which I find easy and surely anyone else could do? I would feel almost guilty. Well I plan to overcome all of that and just bloody do it! Forgive my potty mouth. It seems appropriate.  If it brings in money which I can accept, great.  If not, at least I will feel fulfilled.

Wow this was a bit open, even for me. If you don’t laugh at some of my dreams, above, I won’t laugh at yours. Apparently you should never share them with friends and family, only to strangers and preferably strangers who have already praised you and you feel comfortable sharing with. So I hereby say that you are all awesome people for being bloggers, being open enough and motivated enough to want to give you time free of charge to other bloggers by sharing your wisdom and thought with us. You are all even more wonderful for reading my blog at all and reading this far today.

Do you dare to reveal any dreams here in the comments? They don’t have to be something necessarily achievable, in case you hadn’t noticed :)!


18 thoughts on “Action Stations 2 – dream advice

  1. I’d like to publish other people’s spiritual books, be an interior designer, dress women over fifty and make them fabulous, write one best-seller after the other, be a song-writer, write a movie plot, make a series of videos on self-improvement…..I think I’ll join you on the couch, Emma.

    • Oh I am laughing so hard! Plenty of room on my couch! I love your dreams. Maybe we can be creative from the sofa? I will pour you some wine if you hand me the chocolates! When I get back I am so going to hold you accountable. This year you can work on your best seller, next year we will write songs together. 2015 is the year of redecorating (I tried the interior design business but I sucked at asking for money). 2016 I turn 50 so I will expect you to dress me! I need lots of help in this area. Finally you can publish the books that you have encouraged others to write in the last 4 years, by 2017. Plan?

  2. Emma
    was checking in hoping all is well with your life♡♡
    I also go back and forth not posting for long chunks of time cuz I just got busy and then post every day for a while again. So hopefully that is just the case with you. But wanted to check cuz you’ve made a difference in my blogging neighborhood and wanted you to know that you are missed♡

    • Hi Diane,
      ‘made a difference in my blogging neighbourhood’ ‘you are missed’. Thanks Diane! Means the world to me. Life has moved on. Looking for meaningful work now and much happier. All good 🙂 I get blog ideas but frantically busy so haven’t had the chance yet, honestly! Testing a new career. Hugs

      • Just checking in again…. every so often, I wanna make sure you are okay and happy. You have always added JOY to my blog and loved seeing your faces! Hope you are busy with happy stuff!

        • Hi Diane!
          I emailed you as I was in the US 2 weeks ago and hoped to meet you but no answer :(. Lovely to hear from you here!!!!! Congrats on your book. I think you just posted a copy. I shall read it now. Omg yay!!

    • Saw your note on this Diane and curious. Sorry I missed this post. Speaks to a lot of what I feel. Will try to reblog for Emma.

      • Hi Emma — sorry I saw this post of yours so late. It really speaks to me on what I feel. Would like to reblog it on my site. Hope that okay and photo is perfect. Loved it. 🙂

        • Hi Pat and Diane
          So pleased you liked this. I often think of blogging again but haven’t managed it yet. Will try to accept the pingback now that I am logged in. All is well though at this end. I am a professional copywriter now for ALEX AND ANI Jewellery Australia and loving it! Hope all is well in your worlds. Xx

          • Thank you, Emma, and happy you love where you’re at and what you’re doing. It truly is a work in progress for me and I’m liking the process.

            I enjoy your writing and reflections. It speaks to me and seems like we understand and get each other.

            Thank you for this post and allowing me to reblog and share it with my readers. Hope it resonates with them as well.

            All is well here in the Colorado Rockies, US, and hope it continues to be the same for you in Australia in the years to come. Hugs! 🙂

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