Criticise at your peril

Don't ever run out in the road again!

Don’t ever run out in the road again!

This little post is a reblog in a way of someone else’s words. Or perhaps it’s just a very long quote from a Master!

Yesterday I watched a Barbara Sher video on YouTube where she says to be very careful of giving criticism. “One piece of criticism is not overcome by 20 forms of praise. First of all you might not know what you are talking about and secondly even if later down the track it turns out that you are right, they won’t remember what you said. They will remember the hurt.” Wise words indeed from one of my favourite people (more on her later, but I am spending over two months pay soon to go and meet her!!).

The bit that spoke loudest is that ‘maybe you won’t know what you are talking about’. There have certainly been times that I have gotten the wrong end of the stick and have maybe put in my two cents worth to an organisation and then been politely responded to in way which showed I had it all wrong. Ouch! but no biggie – I can do failure and sorry really well. A heartfelt apology and we are all on our way. I don’t hang on to my failures too long – too scatty to remember them, luckily. And of course sometimes ‘you have to learn to accept the apology you never got’. I like that one too. Got a few of those under my belt, sadly.

What about the times when you don’t criticise or give feedback, don’t speak up for yourself? Is it because you know you are speaking to someone unable to hear you or because you fear the venom that will pour out of you once you let loose? Nobody wants venom inside. That leads to cancer, right? So should you speak?

And again, if that venom is somehow misdirected, you will only end up feeling bad, especially if you hurt the other person and have any kind of compassion in you. Time to consider what you say before you open up. In some cases I choose not to ‘stand up for’ myself, no matter how much I am invited to. And in others I speak where clearly it is not wanted. But that is tomorrow’s post….

How to know the difference?

This quote I just found on Pinterest sure helps!

He has the right to criticize, who has a heart to help.



8 thoughts on “Criticise at your peril

  1. You couldn’t have said it any better. Sometimes, it seems like you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I think the Abraham Lincoln quote sums it up perfectly in how we should respond.

    (BTW – I tried to find that quote on Pinterest and didn’t have any luck. Do you have a link for it? You can find me there at

  2. I couldn’t agree more with the last quote. Only I would call it ‘saying it how it is’. If people are to grow, we shouldn’t do them the dis-service of pretending. But you’re right, say it with absolute care and love.

    • Hard not to react sometimes but it is best if you know you are coming from a place of love and so does the recipient also know that. Tomorrow I will post about speaking up at work. Bit different unfortunately.

  3. If I genuinely think someone’s safety is at stake I’ll speak up. When I can help out with a gentle shove I’ll sometimes do that. When I’m pissed off and someone’s in the way . . .

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