Candy to a Blogger

No one would remember the good Samaritan if he’d only had good intentions. He had money as well – Margaret Thatcher

This is the second time I’ve used a Margaret Thatcher (R.I.P) quote and again I realise I have to disagree with it to a point. See Twice the Battle. They say that any publicity is good publicity or that the only thing worse than people saying bad stuff about you is people not taking about you at all. At least she’s still being remembered and perhaps so will we bloggers be remembered in some way. 

Anyway Margaret she raises a point. Intentions are everywhere, in every good person. My creative intentions would fill a football stadium as a million ideas come at me daily. My good intentions are numerous. What we do with those intentions and the means we have to fulfil them is another thing. Actually I would also like to discuss what it means to ‘have the means’ to do something also, as small miracles can arise when we set off on a journey to help us with that. But I don’t have time before work this morning and I once wrote about on  Weaving Thread last September. 

Anyway I digress.  What I would really like to dispute is that you can’t be a good Samaritan without money. Good deeds are everywhere, using all sorts of vehicles! Thanks to the internet, we all have the means to be a good Samaritan – to take time to like a post, or leave a comment, using your precious time. To quote April Starr on The Flourishing Abode blog, “Comments are like candy to a blogger”.

A hug is a great free gift, and so is someone accepting one from you.

Lion hug

A helping hand literally or figuratively is pretty cool.

Chocolate to a woman is probably the best bang for your buck if you have any money at all.


Giving your time is priceless as I once posted about here on Gift of Time.

And finally, thanks to the 72 (?) or so muscles in the face there is a way you can give and give all day long.

smiling kids text


14 thoughts on “Candy to a Blogger

  1. thank you for being a good samaritan…reading that felt good 


  2. Thank you for sharing this interesting topic. I think the Good Samaritan that took his shirt off to use as a tourniquet for a man’s leg in the Boston Marathon will be long remembered, especially by the man and his family he helped.

    It’s the things that touch your heart that are remembered, down through the centuries. I doubt money has much to do with it. 🙂

    • Exactly 🙂 He took the very shirt off his back. Perfect example and not a dollar in sight. The things that touch your heart are a far stronger currency, I agree. Thank you for commenting Pat!

  3. Good deeds are everywhere, using all sorts of vehicles! Very nice indeed.
    A hug is a great free gift, and so is someone accepting one from you. Ive used this picture before it’s beautiful, thanks for such a lovely post, take care my friend, Melissa xo

    • Thanks Melissa. You’ve always had the best pictures and gifs of any blogger I’ve come across. I need to delve back into your blog to find this image and read what you quoted (no doubt beautifully) about it. You’ve been quiet lately and I see you deleted one post but I am hanging on to the email version. Too precious. I just love your poignant understated style, Emma xx

      • Just did so for you, turns out I’ve just seen this picture recently elsewhere then came across it on your blog and the one I had used was similar but not the same shot, a little hug related also, funny Im sorry to have deleted the odd post recently, I get a little indecisive sometimes with creating the order and flow of things to suit how I feel, thanks for your reply, hope you are well

        • I am quite indecisive too. I write whole posts but if I don’t post there and then, they languish forever. I lose faith. It’s good that I have very little time to blog and hit publish before work each day. No time to think too much. I wish I could create the order and flow of things. I seem to have no control and often it doesn’t flow at all. Yes I am well thank you. 🙂

          • I guess thats the beauty about blogging you can create it to suit yourself in a way, that is your order and flow straight before work maybe, i have no set routine, but fit in the odd post when my focus is clearer usually…….

  4. My general experience is that the less someone has, the more likely they are to share everything they have. It is like someone with very little best understands need.

    • Or maybe they have the least because it’s not of value to them. Life and sharing is more important and they have given it all away already.

      • That sounds about right. People who share the most have the least, all things being equal. Morally speaking, then, less is more. 😉

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