The Lazy Creative

Organised people

I found this on Pinterest this morning and I wanted to comment on it. It seems so unusual to call someone organised ‘lazy’. Surely they contradict each other? It takes effort to get organised, thank you very much.

My house is almost obsessively organised (think labelling machines in regular use, everything categorised and regular clean-outs) and indeed I can be as lazy as the next person, plus I have a lot of stuff and I hate losing things.

But I think this really describes anyone who is creative and normal; who rides life’s ups and downs. One minute you are all organised, spending enjoyable hours getting yourself sorted and feeling all smug and the next you are off on your next tangent, things pile up and chaos reigns. It’s not that you’re lazy, far from it. On your next mission, you are super busy getting creative things done while your mind is active and flowing. You’re alive once again! The mundane such as eating, laundry and housework pile up. When you come back to earth, everything new is given its own space and you regroup.  Did a tornado hit while you were ‘away’, off with the fairies in creative heaven?

You might feel you have two personalities, two sides which have to co-exist. If this is you, embrace it, enjoy it and celebrate the richness of life. Never a dull moment with an extreme creative in the house 🙂

3d painting of house


2 thoughts on “The Lazy Creative

  1. When I’m being creative all the neatness goes out the window — it just no longer matters. I burn out on writing blog articles or music or whatever and then I get into a lazy phase and start cleaning up. You’re making me think that about the time things are tidy again the pendulum has swung back, I’m recharged (maybe now?), and it’s time to gladly dig back in. Or is that my excuse to stop having to straighten up? Maybe my eggs are laying chickens?

    • Yup, neatness goes out the window. It’s at those creative times I wish I didn’t have to eat, dress or sleep and I wish I had someone to cook. But you wouldn’t miss the rush of it for anything. What’s with the chickens? 🙂

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