Learning to Write in Public

This lady was on Freshly Pressed today and deservedly so. But I am reblogging this post of hers today as I feel she crawled inside my head and wrote what she saw there. Is it just me or do these words resonate with all of us bloggers? Emma


3 thoughts on “Learning to Write in Public

  1. It’s funny. The writer in me relates perfectly but the reader in me thinks, ‘not another piece about writing; what’s next, something about writer’s block?’

    I do often question my motives. I’m always telling myself that I am exploring an idea for myself, or just to see how a video or a song idea will pan out, but no matter how it comes out when I’m done I turn into an exhibitionist and am anxious for reaction. And then I lie to myself and think that I don’t care how people react.

    It’s a very weird dynamic. The bottom line is that if we didn’t care about people’s reaction and interaction then we wouldn’t post or show our results to anyone.

    [Gonna go back and post this on the original.]

    • You’re funny! Exhibitionist 🙂 I love reading others’ takes on writing (obviously) even on writer’s block and yes I also care if I get likes and comments, for a short while. I don’t stalk my stats any more (would be depressing anyway). If a post doesn’t seem to go down well I am soon over it though I might reread it and work out why. But I move on quickly. That’s the beauty of a short memory and a new day. It’s just so great to be able to put it out there and get feedback.

      • After I post something I read or watch or listen to it over and over with a critical eye the next day examining what did and didn’t work (for me) and how I might do better the next time. It seems to me that until I have something new to try I no longer want to do it; I don’t want blogging to be a job but rather an adventure. I can do the daily grind but it has stopped being fun.

        Thanks for saying I’m funny! Sometimes my sense of humor is so dry that people don’t get me.

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