How to attract the creative

It is better by far to speak with a person than to a person – J.D. Boatwood

Speak with you darling

Ouch! I am guilty of this one. Sometimes I go into warp speed, all excited about my latest subject and off I go, like a cork out of post Grand Prix champagne. There is no ‘with’ about it. The unwitting listener goes through stages. At first a big smile, even gets in a word or two and then realises it’s futile. I can’t be stopped. Their smile freezes into a polite, lips closed kind of effort, they maybe lean back in their chair to get comfortable while they wait and will nod here and there. In the words of Britney Spears (didn’t ever think I would quote her in this blog about ‘the Masters’ “Oops I did it again“). Am I aware of my behaviour on these occasions? Yes. Will I do it again? Yes and most importantly Do I accept who I am (and laugh at myself)? YES.

When we blog can that be described as speaking with anyone who cares to read? Only if we get a comment perhaps because someone has connected with us and we enter into dialogue. But as a writer and a thinker and the two must surely be closely related, when we think, we are speaking with ourselves. We have conversations with ourselves – perhaps between our left and right brains.

Anyway I digress. I read an article on only this morning which tells you 5 creative ways to attract more readers to your blog. I was attracted to find out the ‘creative’ part, not the more readers part. I know a good one – Write something on your blog! – sorry I’ve fallen off the bandwagon. Oh boy I’m out of practise, I want to go off in so many different directions today. I want to tell you how I had two interactions recently where I was snapped at for no reason other than the snapper had their own agenda. One made me uncomfortable and the other didn’t. The first was a person, and I could only conclude after a little discomfort that she must have misunderstood (she has since apologised) and the other was a small dog behind a fence, to which I concluded that that was what dogs do and never gave another thought to it – see the difference? Your opinion of who is doing the snapping (or reading your blog) really counts! I care about you readers and therefore love getting comments!

I also want to tell you that if you get this far and read my words today it has very little to do with me. I can take no credit. You may be bored, have time to catch up on blogs, be curious about my excuses for no longer blogging regularly or be in the mood that thinks that if you’ve come this far you might as well finish and see if I have a point to make today. Not really. Just playing with words out loud 🙂

I can only conclude from the quote about which I was supposed to write today, that J.D Boatwood (who is he/she anyway, I can only find more quotes?) is promoting connection between people, which is always a good thing as we are ultimately alone in our heads. Isn’t that what social media is all about, finding connections? Long may it reign!

PS Sorry I stole the title idea from Social Media Examiner.  Are you drawn to learn more about the creativity in you?

PPS I have now become a professional copywriter thank to the love of the written word.  Here is my new website or  Obviously my new company is called Joy in Content (as in Content Marketing). Check it out if you want to see how I looked in May 2014.


4 thoughts on “How to attract the creative

  1. It never stops amusing me when I watch two people hold a conversation. How often it is two completely unrelated dialogs with each simply waiting for the other person to stop. I’ve learned to listen and reply appropriately as I find most don’t care to hear what I say and on the rare occasion that they do they hear through an inappropriate prejudging filter. Mostly, why bother?

    I’ve come to generally prefer textual chat and comments on articles so that I can have my say and complete a thought uninterrupted. Blogging is a shout into the wilderness. If no one reads your words, you did not really make a sound; but, at least, you did not fell a tree in doing so.

    • Aha! I heard you and I disagree. Your shout, even if unheard does make a sound!! Why bother? Because we think our subject through better when we say it out loud, even to ourselves. 🙂

  2. I was going with the definition of a sound and whether that tree in the forest makes a sound when it falls and no one is there to hear. Sound requires a receiver, not the mere existence of sound waves. Maybe I could have spoken better by saying that communication doesn’t happen if no one sees or hears or feels what you have done. But I have to agree that one can hear one’s self, one can teach one’s self, one can entertain one’s self. So you are right after all. I work things out for myself and put it out there in case it amuse or benefit or piss off someone else.

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