Eternal Newbies

The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there – L.P. Harley

rollerskate toddler

So what? I ask myself, things move on and what’s gone is gone, irrelevant isn’t it?

However it is relevant because we learn from past experiences, hoping that this ‘knowledge‘ will serve us well in the future i.e. the here and now. Our brains get wired in this way. Unfortunately many things we’ve learned in the past just would not apply today. I am not even talking about caveman times. The changes in our own lifetimes are astounding. What worked for us 10 years ago or even last year may not get the same results today. And many careers are having to change because of it. I’ve heard that what Uni students learn in first year computer studies, is probably outdated by the time the course ends. It really helps nowadays to learn fast and think on your feet! Continue reading


Candy to a Blogger

No one would remember the good Samaritan if he’d only had good intentions. He had money as well – Margaret Thatcher

This is the second time I’ve used a Margaret Thatcher (R.I.P) quote and again I realise I have to disagree with it to a point. See Twice the Battle. They say that any publicity is good publicity or that the only thing worse than people saying bad stuff about you is people not taking about you at all. At least she’s still being remembered and perhaps so will we bloggers be remembered in some way.  Continue reading

Open mouth long enough to change feet

Keeping your mouth shut

Keeping your mouth shut. Quite often for some of us we only open our mouths long enough to change feet. Of course our mouth only opens when our brain tells it to.  And the brain has different states. Present, calm and focused, on autopilot or ‘off with the fairies’. Then you have to factor in mood, sensitivity and excitability and you never know what your mouth will come out with when it opens.

In the last week I came across a hideous situation where Continue reading

Learning to Write in Public

This lady was on Freshly Pressed today and deservedly so. But I am reblogging this post of hers today as I feel she crawled inside my head and wrote what she saw there. Is it just me or do these words resonate with all of us bloggers? Emma


Writing is a delicate business. On one hand, it’s a very private act—a solitary pursuit that requires the writer to crawl inside their brain and camp out there for a while. To stew in their own juices while an idea comes to fruition. On the other hand, it’s a public act—an act of creation meant for an audience. A writer writes so that someone will read it. There’s a strange dichotomy at play from the beginning. It is a private act for the public art. 

I’m sure it plays out differently for every writer, but for me, writing is very much a lonely endeavor. Not in the bad way, necessarily, although I find I write more when I spend a lot of time alone with my brain. When I have no one else to talk to, I suppose my brain talks to itself. Usually, I have an idea paddling about…

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How to attract the creative

It is better by far to speak with a person than to a person – J.D. Boatwood

Speak with you darling

Ouch! I am guilty of this one. Sometimes I go into warp speed, all excited about my latest subject and off I go, like a cork out of post Grand Prix champagne. There is no ‘with’ about it. The unwitting listener goes through Continue reading