What an extraordinary woman!

Anais Nin

I have finally put two and two together this morning. I searched Pinterest for Anais Nin as I know that I love her quotes. What an extraordinary woman! What I realised, when images of Henry and June (the movie) came up for her name, is that I had seen her character in a movie also and that she is a beautiful, erotic soul as well as a great thinker. When I saw the movie, rented from Blockbuster, it was one of those awkward moments when you get some friends and your parents over and the movie turns out to be soft porn. The room falls silent throughout. My mother afterwards commented that it perhaps wasn’t appropriate and one guest whispered as he left that he kept a cushion on his lap the whole time! Great memories. I have since bought the movie so I might have to watch it again, now that I know how much I love Anais’ mind 🙂


Erotica Anais Nin

Anyway, I digress. I also don’t remember coming across this quote before, but perhaps the time is right so it speaks to me now. I can certainly look back on all the ‘states’ I have become during my life – embarassed kid, anxious student, uptight parent, depressed housewife, and see that they were necessary but not something I want to hang onto. Hopefully we distil the best of what we became, learn from the worst of what we became and slowly come to a kind of peace as we mature, with acceptance and knowledge of how best to enjoy what life brings. Is there any state I have tried to remain in? Absolutely! I treasure my days and moment where happiness bubbles to the surface. They don’t hang around so I couldn’t elect to stay that way. I can only be aware, recognise and appreciate them when they appear.

May you also recognise and enjoy the good times while they are happening. Maybe now is one of them 🙂

Rosamund Pike


5 thoughts on “What an extraordinary woman!

  1. I read that she’s the pioneer of literary erotica…not afraid to explore of the more taboo topics of sex. Also a very accomplished writer with some pretty amazing skills. Have you read her books?

    • I haven’t but I will 🙂 as soon as I’ve watched the movie again. Funny that I haven’t properly ‘noticed’ her before.

  2. I think you are singing my song here. It is not what you have done, but what you are doing. It is not what you know but what you are learning. An end goal is a momentary snapshot, it isn’t life.

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