Where did everybody go? Where did I go? There seems to be a huge lull in the number of blog posts from my favourite bloggers which I receive and read these days. Instead my incoming emails are outnumbered by special offers for teeth whitening and holidays, meals and gadgets. Of course I long since stopped receiving ‘letters’ from friends by email, probably because I don’t write any either.

Anyway I digress. I do know where I am though. I am on a wave. I am always on a wave. My current wave has me doing useful jobs around the house, accomplishing and achieving. Very satisfying. My last wave had me writing blogs almost every day and thinking more deeply. Very satisfying. My current wave has me buying myself treats like cappuccino ice-cream, Chai Latte and chocolate; perhaps feeding up as the cold weather sets in, here in Sydney. Very satisfying. My last wave had me ‘Blogging Myself Thin’ until I lost the 7 Kg of excess weight, gained from the last wave of little treats. Very satisfying. Anyway you get the picture. Life can be immensely satisfying in the little day to day stuff as long as you forget the mirror image – for example I could describe these lovely waves quite differently. I could say I have ‘writers’ block’, I am putting on weight, I am not socialising enough. Pah!! That is not how I see it. I hurry past such thoughts if they drift in.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy people! The wave is bigger than you, lifting you up and sweeping you along, always keeping your head above the water and moving forward. When it reaches shore and lets you go, you will be drawn back and lifted onto another wave. That’s just how it works.  The turmoil and froth at the end which caused you to exit this wave is just a necessary part of starting over, waking you up, ready to ride the next wave. I look forward to your return to blogging, should you find yourself ready again and am happy for you that your current wave is so enjoyable that you don’t feel the need to share, or pour out your soul, but just to live life. I will be waiting….

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5 thoughts on “Waves

  1. There has been a lull. I have an opinion or two I want to express but it is like a piece of fruit that is not quite ripe and if I pluck it too soon it won’t be right. There are times to explore and times to ruminate. Soon it will be time to create. Best to embrace it all.

  2. Embrace is the perfect word! I wish I had the patience to ruminate. When I have tried, like going back to a post in the afternoon to edit and publish, I lose confidence and don’t use it. My little bursts are all I have.

  3. Good to “hear” from you. I have wondered the same:

    “Where did everybody go? There seems to be a huge lull in the number of blog posts from my favourite bloggers”

    Somehow I have the feeling that people have gone into some numbness of sorts, or better put, into a lack of concern. That is understandable – times are very harsh…

    I for one have the feeling that nothing creates any real impact anymore, and more often than not,
    I no longer see any purpose of continuing writing on WordPress.

    Who knows, maybe we need another approach, another forum…?

    • I don’t need another forum as I write for myself. I only need to impact myself and that’s why I will continue to write when I want. I hope you do the same. Verkligen! 🙂

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