Yin and Yang

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I haven’t blogged for a while as my energy seems to have gone into doing up my home. I have heard of the concept of masculine and feminine energy and I wonder which is the more masculine – writing blogs or using power tools! I tend to reject the outside world, including my boyfriend, when I have this huge energy for getting things done so my renovating is a masculine pursuit for me. But what is writing? If feminine energy is being sensual, loving, yearning and preparing for someone else then I would assume that writing is a masculine pursuit.

What constitutes feminine energy? Some people are quiet and softly spoken, good listeners, gentle souls. That’s easy to spot. I look the part, wearing mostly dresses, my long carefully curled hair, make up and love of pink and anything girly but I have a lot of energy (and calloused hands) which surprises people. Sometimes I just want to get things done, so everyone else can bugger off and did I mention that I swear (a lot on a bad day)? I get impatient with pfaffing around, wonder why people don’t just get on with things sometimes and probably come across as aggressive at times.

I actually had a quote about gluttony to write about today but I am so off track I give up on that one for now 🙂 The ultimate digress!

Anyway back to today’s digress. My probably very sexist comments here are just ramblings – exploring out loud, which is why I took to blogging in the first place – a journey not to teach but to discover.

And of what use is today’s outburst to you, the reader if you have gotten this far? I think this has been a reminder to me to become more balanced. I must remember to use all sides of my persona and not head down a masculine path like a woman possessed. Living alone with my kids and not seeing my partner very often (he is another independent creative) has allowed me to indulge my selfish side, which often involves getting things done. But once I am on this ‘kick’ I find it hard to stop. It was Mother’s Day yesterday and I spent the whole day physically working on the home and garden. But I had the best day! And what does it take to commute this energy back to blogging? I committed to myself to at least try today and it’s been hard. This post has been rewritten so many times. I am all over the shop. No beginning, middle or end; no satisfactory conclusion (yet?)

OK here’s the moral of my story. May you remember today to stop and become aware of where you are at – achieving at the expense of human relations, or indulging in love and friendship while the things you should be doing remain neglected and are slowly building up into crisis mode. May your energies be balanced and harmony be restored.




6 thoughts on “Yin and Yang

  1. My wife says the part of me that is female is balanced off by the part of her that is male. Does that make sense? I think if you are all one or the other then you’re wacko, way out of balance.

    I need to channel that “getting things done” vibe. I got nothing.

    • Lol. You got nothin’? Well I got too much. Here. Have some! I am motivated because when the kids leave home I want to let my house as a holiday home. It needs to be in good condition and empty so I am slowly getting rid of the clutter. I have 18 months at least. And once you start it snowballs. Certain jobs are in my too hard basket and I got nothin’ for them.

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  3. I call myself a feminine tom boy hehe. I always used to hangout with guys when I was younger apart from girls. I am quite handy at home if there is something that needs fixing I like to take matters in my own hands. I have experience in wood workshops so I kind of have that ability to create and fix stuff. I am also quite strong as I always used to help at home and carry 12litres of water from the store. But then I love being feminine, wearing make up and do my best to look pretty. I think I am 65% feminine and 35% manly hehe

      • hehe thanks 🙂 well i used to tell my dad when I was younger and nothing would get fixed so I just took the matters in my own hands. There is nothing that both sexes can’t do, it just takes a bit of creativity and imagination and you can make anything work. 😀

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