I Had It All Backwards (as usual)

The finger

Just when you think you are on your way, you are almost smug, you think you have a handle on this thing called life and wayward emotions, something happens, the penny drops and you realise you are barely there after all.

“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”
-William Shakespeare

I go for a run each morning and the first 800 metres is along a narrow street where you basically have to park to let another car through. It means I have to park myself and break my ‘stride’ in order to let each car pass. I have this silly thing where I watch intently to see if they will thank me for anticipating their passing, and taking myself off the road (there are no footpaths as it’s on a steep hill). Anything would do, a wave, a nod, a smile. Just any recognition that I had given them a little gift and not made them slow down on their way to work.

When I would detect no trace, I would walk back onto the road and give them the finger behind my back at waist level. Hah! That showed them!! As if they would even see it in such an odd place or know what it was!

Then I realised I had it all backwards, yet again. My joy is in doing a good deed, even if no one notices; in my own opinion of myself. And their joy would be in thanking me, if they did so. The ones that don’t acknowledge it are either in their own little world, perhaps late for work (more reason to get off the road), don’t realise that I got out of their way on purpose or are just not appreciative people. So their little joy is lost to them.

Now I can look into the faces of those in the cars I have stopped for and give them the warmest smiles, come what may. My run just got easier!



15 thoughts on “I Had It All Backwards (as usual)

  1. I found your post interesting and I appreciate the share.

    What if they know neither to be wise nor foolish? A state of neutrality

      • i am curious about those who have mastered a state of neutrality? Its my assumption that neutrality is an original state of human nature…but who knows? πŸ™‚ Ive felt both nervous and excited about this journey..I feel more in tune each moment

  2. You’re so funny! I used to get so mad when I would let a car into my lane, etc. and the driver wouldn’t give a thank you wave. Then, I started repeating to myself “don’t thank me. don’t thank me. don’t thank me…” I sound nuts I know, but when they thank me it totally makes my day! lol

    • Fantastic. I will try that and see what happens. Nuts is fun. Yes I do it in my car also yet at work I never expect thank you emails so I am overjoyed when I get one. Funny that.

  3. Where I live, if you wait for thanks, you’d wait for the world to end. Its a good place to learn humility!

  4. I love your honesty! I GET what you are talking about! We are so much alike. I find it interesting this pedestrian/car thing. When I walk/jog I also watch the cars. I notice the ones that practically cross the line to avoid me and I try to smile a thanks to them… catch their eye or wave… others almost seem to head towards me! Are they idiots or what?! I live in a gated community so a lot of people still have that small town attitude and wave at you or nod even if they don’t know you. Finally I stopped trying to smile at every passing car and getting annoyed at the ones who didn’t wave back~ it was all pretty exhausting. lol. I agree with you guys…It is all in the attitude and what God sees in our hearts not judging others! I loved your last comment:

    I love being a pleb!! Don’t think I could cope with all that entitlement


    • My three favourite followers/bloggers all in the one spot. Almost like a little meeting. Hopefully it’s not the closest we will come. I live in hope. Anyway, I am nothing if not honest. This might be the place I air my worst neuroses. I too feel this immense need to thank the ones that do something nice for me. It’s wonder I don’t have more accidents. And don’t forget to thank the ones that thank you!! Oh boy, are there injections or tablets for this?

      As for entitlement. I am convinced some people are just born with it. It seems OK because people get what they expect but it’s just too alien for me. I will make do with everything I have. I can appreciate it all. Hugs right back at you Diane. You are a treasure!

      • I got up so early this morning cuzzz I have to work early and wanted to get my little fix. You and I both have been stuck for a while I guess. I came on to see if one of my favs had posted a new one but found your reply and it was a nice surprise! Off to open ten tubs this morn! Argh! I work all weekend! Small violin pleeease. LOL. Everyone is out of town this weekend so what the heck!
        Have a great one!

  5. Your Shakespeare quote reminds me of something my father once said, “There are two kinds of people: those who don’t know, and those who don’t know what they don’t know. The second type are the dangerous ones.”

    I used to swear vengeance on the non-waivers, like I would never let them in again for the rest of my life. I’ve since taken a different perspective, one of superiority: I’m not in a hurry but you are, my life is better β€” go ahead and be in your harried little world.

    • Good point. I often think that about people who have unfortunate attitudes. They have to live with the results of that every day but I only encountered it for a very short while so I am the fortunate one.

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