Are you a Sparkler or a Log?


I am sure you know what I’m talking about. We’re alive so we have a fire in us that is burning until such time as it goes out. We have energy, in fact we are energy of course. How you use that energy as you live is up to you.

I like to think I’m a sparkler. Enthusiastic, impulsive; I just LOVE life! … Until I don’t and I’m all flat again for a short while. Some people are logs. It might take them a while to ignite but once they do, they just keep on humming along, warm and cosy, glowing and reliable until the end.

So how do you cope if you are a sparkler? Life can be full on amazing; explosive even. When you’ve burned out, as you surely must at some point until the next time, what do you have left?

Bombe Alaska

Now if you were one of these desserts, your loved ones wouldn’t be left looking at a burned out sparkler each time your latest interest extinguishes itself. They would be left with what they know and love, someone inviting, comforting, sweet, wonderful; however else you would like to describe this confection.

So it’s OK to be you. I’ts OK to be up and down, be labelled bipolar perhaps, get enthusiastic but not follow through to something more meaningful or money making. The joy was in the sparkle and the sparkle is always to be appreciated, no matter how short. You know what is left inside you to hold the sparkle. Hold it firmly in your hands and never let it go. The intensity is just one tiny aspect of your personality that people will either be drawn to or avoid. Let them go. We can’t hang on to everyone we come across in life and each interaction is meaningful, no matter how short.

Glowing log

And if you are a log? I applaud you and I envy you in some ways. Your interests will develop as you stick with them and be applauded and recognised. You are glowing, reliable, quietly burning and making the world a warmer place for everyone with your consistency.

There’s room for us all people. And thank goodness for that.



8 thoughts on “Are you a Sparkler or a Log?

  1. Great question, Emma. I’m a sparkler, I suppose, because my life has seen many projects, some which lay abandoned by the wayside, but also many which went full circle. I can’t say I’m bi-polar, thank goodness. That must be such a challenging condition. But I’m certainly not a log.

  2. As always I love a good metaphor! I am a sparkler as well! So on the same level as why Yaz is!!!! I could have just copied and pasted her reply!

    • I can see the sparks from here, shooting out in every direction. Right now you are the baked Alaska – Sweet as always. Enjoy your down time.

  3. I’m kinda both, but in the grand scheme I’m a log. Like the music thing is a log and the other various topics I go on about in miniseries are sparklers. But the log burns out from time to time as well.

    • Ooh. I forgot that logs don’t last forever. I wonder how long it would take to light the new log, now that you have had experience of taking up a long term passion. Does it get quicker each time?

      • Say I do music for several years, which is where I’m at right about now ā€” rehabilitating my hands after a looooong break. It fizzles. Then it could be any number of months or years and then maybe it’s a sparkler, and maybe the sparkler is the fuse to the next log.

        My logs go for years and sometimes they go out for just as long. I’ve done a blog twice before, each time for just over a year. I started this one November 10, 2012. Let’s see if I make it to Christmas this year or if it is a real bonfire this time.

  4. I’m definitely a sparkler but I envy logs who just cruise along nicely. I’ll have to remember to place my sparkler in a dessert so there’s something when it burns out.. šŸ™‚

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