Kamikaze Butterfly

kamikaze butterfly

I saw a large, orange seemingly Kamikaze butterfly at the weekend. He was going for it! I looked around for his mate as butterflies often seem to appear in twos but there was none. So he was zooming and swooping extremely low, and having a high old time between a tree overhanging the water and the water itself. I was almost concerned at first but then I noticed the energy, the thrills and the joy! Finally he rested on the tree and basked in the sun, relaxing and taking it all in.

Sun butterfly

And why not? What a life this divine creature has led. He lived half his life as a caterpillar at risk of being eaten by almost anything. He then lived in a cocoon, probably wondering if this was it; the darkness, all there was. Next he had to work really hard push his way out of a tiny hole in the cocoon so that the blood would be forced into his wings, not knowing why he had lived such suffering and it seemed to be getting worse.

But finally he comes out, back into the light and he’s changed – a whole new person. Where once he was heavy, sliding along, dragging himself along the ground and balancing on twigs, now he is weightless and free. He has wings for goodness sake!  And he’s not afraid to use them. The worst is behind him but time is limited; a couple of weeks maybe, so he takes off, in every sense of the word.

If I was a butterfly with or without a mate, I would be living it up too, taking risks, doing exactly what I felt like, going crazy one minute and slowing down the next. He was testing his wings in every sense of the word, oblivious to fear. Will he live long enough for such a beautiful creature? Yes he certainly will. He’s not wasting a moment.

Perhaps we are all butterflies. We start out vulnerable, dark times confuse us, we do what we have to in order to get back to the light and find ourselves stronger and free again. Now you’re here, are you making the most of it? Can you see the butterfly in you? Just look a little closer…

The butterfly in you


15 thoughts on “Kamikaze Butterfly

    • Thanks. I typed Orange Butterfly into search on Pinterest and this one popped up. Always thought provoking, Pinterest. I can waste hours on lovely images….

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  2. You might just as well have been writing about MY life Emma! I had a giggle as I thought about that. Seriously though, this is just lovely.

    • Thank you. I can definitely see this is your life and now you are swooping. I am playing it safe but I would like to swoop and zoom more. This is a reminder to myself to get out there!!

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  4. That is so strange I wrote a big long post on this very blog and it is not here! Anyway to capsulize it I sent it to my daughter! She is a fairy at kid’s parties and paints faces on the weekends and that butterfly is the greatest!

    • Thanks Kimberly. I checked out your blog but there is nowhere to follow by email and I never check my RSS feeder. I have been quiet on the blogging front for some time now as I turned this passion into a career. Yay!

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