10 thoughts on “I bet you think the best is yet to come?

  1. This was soo good. I needed this message! I still am not getting notified of your new posts! Maybe I need to follow and unfollow again? Because as I look above and check the bar above says following! What the heck then? Why am I not receiving your new posts like this one? I might have missed it! And I am going to be more aware of the spring in my step today! Anticipation would have been a great title for this one! I loved it!!! Thank you.

    • Perhaps the WordPress forum might have some answers? I can see you are not following even though you have followed twice recently. At least you know where I am 🙂 Thanks for your kind comments. I’m glad you needed reminding that anticipation can be delicious. I do too! You’re right, the title isn’t quite right. I come up with a title too quickly every morning before work.

  2. Well done, Joy! I so enjoyed looking through that montage of smiles you linked to.

    It was rather profound, your thought that those who have given up their dreams might have some sort of payoff in being that way. I don’t think we are all meant for great things and trying to convince yourself otherwise can lead to a life of misery and disappointment. To stop trying to do something that you cannot do, or to finally realize that you are not and should not be who you once hoped to be might not giving up so much as taking unnecessary and unreasonable pressure off yourself. That is not a bad thing but a good thing, it is self acceptance.

    My own best moments are when I am creating something, not anticipating the glorious payoff in the end. Why would I value a moment of glory over the many many hours of activity getting there? I value every moment of my life, not just little snapshot instants. Most of my life is learning and preparing and doing, not taking bows, so I value the journey much more than the destination.

    Your writing style and your picture selection are both quite good. I hope you enjoyed the journey of writing this piece. Enjoy taking the bow you now deserve for this performance.


    • Hi Jim, it’s Emma 🙂 Thanks for your kind comments. When you say ‘meant for great things’, if you mean fame and fortune, I am not concerned with that; just with looking forward to life in general and not being a victim as such. I’m with you, I do anything now for the sake of it, even housework and I remember as much as possible that I will never reach ‘the end’ of jobs I am doing, so I might as well enjoy the journey and only do something if I can find value in it right now. Creating is the best feeling there is! I am bowing here 🙂

  3. This post truly is amazing. This is so inspiring and thought provoking. How much better and exciting could life be if you approach it with the belief that the best is yet to come? I love how kids and teenagers tend to have this excitement and spark in their eye. It seems this belief is well engrained in their heads. I know it used to be when I was younger and as I got older this belief began to fade. Not sure why. But anyways, thank you so much for reminding me of this!!

    • Hey thanks Liv!! You are too kind. I hope your belief that the best is yet to come and that there is much excitement just around the corner will reinstate itself, mostly because as we get older (you still look half my age) we can appreciate it all more and enjoy it as it happens instead of ‘filing the memories away’ for later. I do anyway 🙂

  4. Great post, this, Emma. I always think that good things can come at any time. I think of people who meet each other and marry in their seventies, of opportunities that knock at people’s door just when they think they’re ‘past it’. This is so positive, and so real. It’s a good reminder for those of us who are thinking of putting ourselves out to pasture….!!!

    • You can’t possibly be thinking of putting yourself out to pasture, Yaz. Then I dedicate this post to you, though walking 800km in May is a very large pasture indeed. ‘So positive and so real’ – lovely comments! Thanks heaps

  5. The day we start looking back, instead s of forward, is the day we start to age. There is alway something interesting around the next corner, over the next hill. Memories are wonderful things, as long as we don’t try to live there instead of reaching for every tomorrow. Really liked this post.

    • I like that – the day we look back we start to age! And you got me started on this subject in the first place, so I am so glad you found and liked this post!! 🙂 I don’t mind being ‘over the hill’ if that’s where we will find the next excitement. I am still intrigued almost daily by the things my teenagers introduce me to, mostly on the internet, so life is never dull.

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