Can you see the walls?

Umbrella Street

I don’t have a quote today. Nothing spoke to me. My creative well is dry again. However I found this photo on Pinterest this week and filed it under a board I created called Blog Fodder, so I will run with it 🙂

This is apparently called Umbrella Street in Portugal but maybe it’s photo-shopped. I love it anyway.

It reminds me of the subconscious walls we all have to protect ourselves in life, closely related to boundaries.

I’d like to think that this is what my protective wall looks like. It uses colour and fun and is childish. It has gaps and is trusting that I can handle a little disappointment. It is lighthearted, and uses pretty, but not infallible things to protect me. Perhaps I live in a fantasy that all is basically OK with the world and that we can seek out fun and enjoyment without guilt. I once read that the meaning of life is simply to enjoy it and I ran with that, so I seek out good stuff all the time as my means of distraction and focus. ‘Don’t Put off your Happy Life‘ is printed out and kept right here on my computer.

By good stuff I mean good times – taking time to work out what I enjoy and want and going for it. Things like time to myself, hazelnut coffee, chocolate, music, movies. No doubt I am at risk of coming across as childish, Pollyanna, naive and selfish. That’s OK. I have the same trials and tribulations as everyone else but I skip over them to look for the beauty and the good stuff, of which there is so much. I really love the sound of boiling water pouring out of my kettle into my cup! And yesterday I appreciated having a trolley load of shopping as I walked to my car. We are so lucky!

Anyway I digress. If your walls look a little more like this right now….

Berlin wall 1961

(Berlin Wall 1961)

then I imagine you’ve had a hard life which you’ve not been able to get your head around. I recently read that we build walls, not to keep others out because we don’t trust people, but because we don’t trust ourselves to handle others. I assume that means that we don’t trust ourselves to handle the feelings that we think the outside world incites.

Perhaps our filter on what we experience needs some adjusting. That has been one of my greatest lessons – that we have a filter and we can change it; interpret everything completely differently to suit ourselves. 

Anyway back to the lighthearted, here is another Pinterest image of painted beachballs in a tree which brought a smile to my face.

Watch out

Or, pulling out the big guns to get you to smile and lighten up today, try this!



3 thoughts on “Can you see the walls?

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  2. Visiting from Diane’s blog,
    OK, you got me to smile. Babies are just too hard to resist. They truly are the “big guns” when it comes to directing emotion. Really enjoyed your post.

  3. “Perhaps I live in a fantasy that all is basically OK with the world and that we can seek out fun and enjoyment without guilt”- I love this. Fantasy is better but we should bring fantasy to this world, make it more colourful. Lovely blog

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