Crystal Healing and the Energy Field: A Beginner’s Guide by Marion McGeough

I confess I know very little about crystals but I do have every faith in Yaz Rooney as someone who is a true healer so I would like to offer this for your attention, hoping this is just the right time for you to see this.


ImageBeyond the world of people, crystals have always held great importance in my life. Their beauty is not only physical in nature; their purpose for being in the world is truly altruistic and exquisite. They have assisted me in many facets of my healing career; they are living healers from a different dimension of experience, they are bridges between the overlapping and multifold parallel worlds of our physical universe. Crystals are powerful life-forms that command respect from those who understand their innate energetic might. They heal the body, and in so doing, transform the soul. I have a deep love for crystals, and if you want to enhance your physical and spiritual health, I would urge you to get to know these incredible beings, and invite them into your life.

I recently came across a lovely book, promoted by one of my blogging buddies Danny Breslin. ImageIt is an…

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  1. Thank you my guardian angel! I don’t know Marion, but after reading the book, I felt compelled to assist her and anyone else who needed the book. So thanks for putting your energies into it and trusting me! Lots of love!

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