Apply ladder, remove self from rut

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save – Will Rogers

Entertain me

Goodness human beings are strange creatures, aren’t we? How true is this for you? Here are some more that I’ve heard

The first half of our lives we accumulate stuff and the second half of our lives we try to get rid of it.

Book Hoard

We save all this energy by inventing things such as washing machines, vacuums, dishwashers etc and then have to invent exercise machines to lose weight and keep fit.

I am guilty as charged! I save time by having an easy 9 to 5 job and don’t do overtime. I also took care to find a job 5 minutes from home so that I don’t waste time commuting. I don’t commit to too much so that my time is not always accounted for, especially if I am not in the mood to do that thing at the appointed hour. And I have taught my kids to be self sufficient.

So I do have freedom, me-time, and free time to contemplate my navel. Yet what do I do? Sometimes I stress when having time off because I have to use that time wisely. ‘Are we having fun yet?’ was invented for me. I make lists of things that I like to do so that when I’m on holiday I can try to force myself into the ‘flow’ and am not at a loose end wondering why I’m not having more fun. Just plain daft and I know it. The flow cannot be forced! 

When I was an expat housewife I took up many new hobbies and I purchased enough supplies for each to become a lifetime expert! My house is somewhat full now. So, as stated above, I am trying to ‘discumulate’ as my boyfriend calls it, 27 items a day in a zen manner. Tick that one. I think that’s why Extreme Hoarders is my favourite TV programme at the moment – because I have something to learn!

The electric appliances, including hedge trimmer, and pool cleaner basically allow me as a single mother with a ridiculously large garden to try and keep up the home I had while married. All it means though is that I am doing just as much house and garden work but on a bigger scale. It’s like when you have a bigger handbag – you always fill it. Or a bigger income which I’ve heard people will manage to spend.

And as for the exercise, I run outside every morning for 20 minutes because it’s quick and guaranteed to get my heart rate up, but painting, cleaning or gardening produce much better results.

Fall off treadmill

Is there anywhere in your life you could make a small change today, now that I am bringing it front of mind? Buy one less item, pull weeds instead of go to the gym, set an enjoyable goal to fill your spare time or else abolish guilt and allow yourself complete permission to spend your free time exactly as you want?

It’s always worth mixing it up, for so many reasons. Hop out of that rut!


4 thoughts on “Apply ladder, remove self from rut

    • Excellent. I will meet you at the top of the ladders and we can dig ourselves a new rut full of fun and indulgence, travel and adventure. Wouldn’t mind being stuck there 🙂

  1. I remember a saying by Elytis – a Greek poet – who said:
    Learn to waste your time so as to have have some dignity left 😉

    The self-deceiving Mind with its eternal compartmentalizing – the culprit behind the “time drama”

    So…plunge in the The Timeless Time.

  2. I had such a good laugh at Julien’s quote by Elytis…it is SO true! And your post stabbed me in the jugular at the first quote by Will Rogers! Wow, everything you said is true. We REALLY haven’t a clue what real joy is, because if we did, we’d know how to do nothing at all and find complete joy, freedom and peace with it all. In fact we’d probably top ourselves, because life, with all it’s busy-ness wouldn’t be appealing anymore. Sigh…

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