I like to think…..

Thinking child

  • that this blog will be of comfort to my kids if I died suddenly and they would read it, feeling like I am still there talking to them…
  • that my ancestors might even be interested in these little snippets of my current thinking from 2013
  • that if any potential employer sees my blog, they will be able to work out if I am right for their organisation in whatever capacity, mostly because I’m a ‘nice’ person and not afraid to be me
  • that one day I will be truly organised, with nothing in my house I don’t truly need, a recipe book full of tasty, easy, nutritious, inexpensive, one pot (little washing up) meals and a folder of photos of my outfits, carefully assembled so I know what to wear every morning and have some hope of looking polished
  • that one day I will not judge each mouthful I eat against my figure and each dollar I spend against my need to be thrifty; actually that I will lose some of my perfectionism



  • that I will get to meet my favourite bloggers in person one day such as Yaz in Doha, Diane in America, Little Miss Wordy in Puerto Rico, Sarah Jane in Malta, Colin in America, Adriana in South Sydney etc etc. Hey what a trip that would be!
  • that my kids will live their lives doing what they love and have a gift at; that they are better prepared for life mentally than I was at their age
  • that I will never stop thinking and dreaming and making these lists
  • that anyone who reads this will make their own list and perhaps then take steps to examine some of their unspoken dreams


Examine your dreams


6 thoughts on “I like to think…..

  1. I LOVE this post! And, not because you mentioned me because honestly I was completely surprised when I saw my name! It’s like you wrote a list for me. Thanks. 🙂 I love the idea of picking up and meeting bloggers around the world. What a dream that would be. Let’s definitely keep that one on our list!

    • Thanks. I just reread your Who is Miss Wordy section and see ‘clueless in the kitchen’ haha. I like baking but not cooking and studied interior design for 2 years so we have lots in common, including the crafting. Why moody? Yep I’ll keep the ‘travelling to meet bloggers’ at the top of my wish list! One day! Glad you read my post and found yourself! It’s like that story of the kid who did jobs around the house and then asked his parents for payment, but they said that if he had done the jobs properly, he would have found the payment along the way, hidden at the bottom of piles etc.

      • I like baking too! I bake and decorate my kids birthday cakes every year, and they keep getting more and more creative on themes! 😉 They still look homemade, but I love making them. I’m a moody crafter because I’m not consistent. I only craft when the mood strikes. ha ha. It was fun to find myself mentioned in your post…a pleasant surprise! Thanks again!

  2. I am already waiting for your to come 🙂 hehe would be awesome to truly meet. I better start working harder so I will look the part 😛

  3. I’m with Sjvella! I am planning on meeting you as well! As a matter of fact, I think we should all plan one big meeting! Now wouldn’t that be a blast?
    I love your list!
    I have always wondered if something happened to me, would my loved ones know to come on and tell you guys?
    You are right though! If I were your kids I would find comfort in your blog!!!!
    But we are all gonna live a long happy life and just bug them by continuing to read to them whether they want us to or not! lol.

  4. Hey Em, Just to let ya know I keep checking and it keeps saying I am following you! After I got your message… I Came back after work and re-looked again… It still said :”following” when I clicked on your name so not sure why it said I was not following you? Did you just think cuz you didn’t hear from me for a while I stopped following or you could really go somewhere and see stats?
    I am sure I would not want to know if people unfollowed me! Ouch. Wouldn’t know where to go to even look for that kind of info! but kind of glad cuz I don’t think I’d want want to know! 😉
    Anywaaay, I pushed follow again just to make sure the other day… so hope it didn’t look as if I was unfollowing! LOL. I just came on this morning to see if you posted anything & was not getting notified but it looks good so far… still says I am following!!! 😉

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