I dare ya!

Skull oil lamp

How do we keep our blogs burning? I spend a lot of time on the blogging world because I read every post of every blog I follow and there are quite a few. Something I have noticed though is that many I am drawn to started within a few months of when I started. Do we have the same level of freshness/enthusiasm/naiveté? Are we on this journey together and how fast do each of us travel? Some have exponential growth in followers, and some none at all. One has only written two posts but I wait with baited breath for the third. Others have years of archives I long to explore.

The other thing I noticed is that some people appear to have stopped writing their blog. I follow a few diet type blogs because my other blog is helping me lose a little weight. What happened to those people who stopped? The last post of one implies that he has fallen off the wagon and started to eat unhealthily again. What are the consequences of stopping a questioning, feel-good type blog like I hope this one is? Could it be that I have become depressed and have nothing in my oil lamp to keep it burning? Would you continue to follow after a year if I didn’t post?

Perhaps I am drawn to the kind of blogs where the humble writers don’t have all the answers and are seeking them, or maybe that describes all of mankind, in some way or another. I have a passing interest in non soul searching blogs such as how to be a blogger and the latest trends and photography. I satisfy my curiosity for the new on Pinterest more now also. But there is no connection there except where the blogger posts comments on my posts and I feel I know them and care about them as people. The information only blogs only attract my attention sporadically. This is why it’s called social media I expect!

So back to you, my wonderful blogging friends. What does your oil consist of? How are you today? How does your mood affect whether you blog or not? Do you take the time to keep putting oil in the lamp, however you enrich your soul, enough to dare to blog? For it is a dare, really, a great act of courage to say anything at all and hit publish. I have looked back at some of my past posts and think ‘what rubbish!’ but the point is the confidence with which we write, not what we actually say. The confidence to hope that one other soul (or our own soul) gets some benefit from it. I applaud every post I have written, rubbish or otherwise and all of yours! You did it!  The lights are on!

Light bulb lamp

Just some random thoughts from a scrambled egg mind. I didn’t think I’d blog today….


11 thoughts on “I dare ya!

  1. I agree with being attracted to humble writers. And I admire your discipline, I’m horrible at reading every post of every follower. I get so distracted some days.

    I personally have two blogs – ones all writing, the others all photos – so posted to the photo blog this morning, but nada on the writing yet. Still planning on posting something to the writing blog, but just spent the day fiddling with the design a big. Sometimes going off and pursuing another creative venture inspires me to write.

    • I like the real people out there best. The warts and all bloggers. Far more fun and insightful than people who have it all together. I love the vulnerability and playfulness best. Give yourself permission to not blog when you don’t feel like writing. I have no discipline. I just know I am happier when I blog so I go for it, good and bad.

  2. You hit the nail on the head. The ‘oil’ that keeps me blogging, or brings me back after taking a break, is my desire to work the muscle of courage and also to possibly say something that may benefit someone somewhere. Thanks for bringing me to this insight…

    • Thank you. I like that – ‘work the muscle of courage’. Mine needs a good solid workout right now – not for blogging but for the rest of life. I am sure what you’ve said has benefitted lots of people everywhere 🙂

  3. My ‘oil’ comes from some sort of spark of inspiration. If I feel obliged to write, it usually ends up being an uninspiring pile of pooh, so I wait for a blog post to find me…!!!! I don’t read absolutely everybody’s posts all of the time, otherwise I’d be online 24/7. I choose carefully. You’re a hardworking blogster!

    • You’d think it would take a while but so many seem to have stopped 😦 I post the uninspiring pooh anyway because I don’t realise till too late and then it’s a lesson in being humble. But each day I hope to find something in me that doesn’t rip myself to shreds once I’ve bashed out something. It is part of my challenge I have just realised. It only takes half an hour to create. . And THAT’S why your blogs are awesome.

      • If you’re inspired to write every day, then it can’t be pooh! You know its rubbish when you fight to get it out, and you feel obliged to keep up a presence in the blogging community. That’s how it works for me, anyway. You’re on my favourite bloggers list, so you can’t be that bad! I’m horribly fussy about what I read!

  4. I think that your pictures are wonderful! You know me, a good metaphor and the right picture is worth more than a thousand words. Even though I still add the words too! Smile. But I loved this. I do think that we are attracted to people with the same passion. I would rather hang out with a bunch of writers any day! And how funny that you have discovered that you rotated in at the same time as some of us did. It reminds me of school, we are all learning together! Freshman year, or Senior, we all merge into the same melting pot.
    Some blogs are over my head and some may not be as polished while others I could read all day. Some I have stopped following because they post every random thought they have. Which is okay but they might consider twittering (smile) but hey, it is their blog… and they can do what they want! I just might not stay around to get notified every few hours.
    And then there are the ones like yours. The ones I look forward to. And when I am busy, always go back to and read all at once, the ones I wait for and re-read.
    I used to do art shows and spent a lot of time on Etsy.com networking with other artists. For some reason, I always come back to writing. Though art is in my blood like writing, I think that writing is just a part of me. It defines who I am. I will never stop. I might stop blogging for a while when I work on another project but it is always there.
    Loved this post!!!!
    And I am blessed to have found you and grateful that you follow me and add your little pearls of wisdom, always taking the time to read my ramblings!

    • Thanks!! Yes I would rather hang out with a bunch of writers too! The only one I know in person is my boyfriend but he doesn’t even read my blog. Adding pictures is so enjoyable and so time consuming.

      I don’t like the prolific random thought blogs either and I too get excited when my favourites, like you and Yaz post something to be savoured. Sorry if I post too often by the way. It makes me happy when I can do it. I get a feeling of doing more with my life than working, much as I love my job. Check out my other blog today for a photo of me at ‘work’ 2 days ago. I am so lucky!!

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