What tips your scales?

Do Something You've Never DoneDon’t good quotes get you thinking? It’s like armchair travelling, only it’s exploring who you and and what you believe, inside your head! The most important frontier.

This quote no doubt means different things to different people. Something I’ve never had is a raise, a promotion or a professional income. If I needed these, what would I have to do that I have never done? Ask for a pay rise, go for a promotion, or apply for a more conscientious job which might keep me awake at night?

But the price is too high for me, too far out of my comfort zone. I can’t imagine being paid real money. I’d feel like a fraud for sure. Then I’d have to commit to being worth that money every day, even on my uninspired days or days when I look at workaholics who take it all so seriously and think they must be crazy to sacrifice peace of mind for dollars. I take my work in customer service seriously but never so seriously that it wakes me up at night.

Perhaps it comes down to being someone you have never been in order to do something you have never done, in order to get something you have never had. So who should I be?

Real and Imagined

Shall I imagine I am being paid to do what I love, without any commitment, and that it easily covers my bills and then some? Shall I imagine I can take off for long weekends to Fiji regularly or fly the kids to Barcelona or Zanzibar without any stress at all and spend an income I am not used to? Shall I believe I deserve all that stuff?

Perhaps if I really covet these things enough, I will ‘do something I’ve never done’. I’d like to think it will happen and when I’ve read the latest self-help book and am bouncing off walls, dreams become worth chasing and not only a possibility but a done deal in my mind. I am brilliant, I have developed myself, I have everything I ever dreamed of.

Until I calm down again and realise how grateful I am for all I already have, without needing one more thing in order to be happy.

When I come across that elusive thing to do which will yield me that which I have never had, I shall let you know.

Do you know what you ‘need’ to do in order to receive that something that you’ve never had? And do you want things you’ve never had, enough to be someone different? Just a thought!  I guess it’s all a question of balance. 🙂


5 thoughts on “What tips your scales?

  1. I’d like to look like a runway model, but I’m not prepared to put in the kind of gym time needed to achieve such a miracle of nature, eat fresh air and get leg implants to make them longer. Oh dear, what to do with us, hey Emma?

  2. Well you see now you know why I do what I do. That will. If you really want something you gotta do what it takes to get it! I hope you discover what it is you really want soon. 🙂

    • Yes, you are on fire Colin, getting all sorts of things you never had! I can see that (awesome abs by the way). I hope I discover it too! I know what it is but I want to really, really want it. I am too accepting of all I have now at the moment.

      • Hey this isn’t about me, it’s about you! 🙂 It’s not necessarily bad if you are really happy with the way things are. If it becomes really important to you you’ll make it happen. If you are happy though, that’s the important thing.

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