Time to Clear the Decks

Clear the decks


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Confucius say Tidy Computer Desk equal tidy Mind

Yeah, I know that’s not exactly it but it’s early OK? And I wanted a quote to express a little joy I got this morning. I moved 3 hats. Not earth shattering, especially as I only moved them 3 feet above to a shelf, and yet the joy of seeing the white chest of drawers again was inspiring. It was refreshing, and now every time I go in my walk in wardrobe (for 3 days while my brain gets used to it) I will be reminded that things have changed. Life is always changing.

I am soothed by knowing that I have just a little control in this crazy world and that part of the ‘Happy Life‘ which I no longer put off (since I’ve printed out 3 signs to remind me) is to create calm. If this means hiding everything I have in cupboards or throwing away 27 things a day for 9 days, or buying myself flowers (a very rare thing), I can do it. And it has a great return on investment.

If can keep this up, it means I’ll be ready for anything. I will know where things are, I will be inspired by finding new stuff that is really actually old stuff that I love, and maybe the gods of Feng Shui will smile on me if I accidentally get it right.

If I can examine my resistance to throwing or giving stuff away, I will know myself a little better and can wear down my silly beliefs about hanging on to stuff. Extreme Hoarders anyone? I am fascinated by their logic but only because I have those tendencies.

Chair hoarding

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Anyway, it must be time to clear this out a drawer or something before work. Tidy Drawer, Tidy Mind πŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “Time to Clear the Decks

  1. You should see my spartan place. We left our ‘personal stuff’ in a garage in South Africa when we came to Qatar. Gave every piece of furniture away, clothes…you name it, it went. Usually we lugged everything around the world with us, but this time, we let it all go. Its a strange thing to live with only that which you need, but I needed to do it after a lifetime of accruing stuff. For me, a cupboard full of stuff I don’t use is a mind full of thoughts that need cleaning! So Lao Tsu, Confucious, they had a point!

    • I like that – ‘a cupboard full of stuff I don’t use is a mind full of thoughts that need cleaning!’. Is that what you meant with the weight loss as well? My thoughts need cleaning. That’s why I hose them off every day with blogging, but they aren’t actually clean. Miss you Yaz. When are you going to blog again?

      • Just posted as it happens! One day we’ll have that cuppa and a glass of wine or three and chat the roof off your beautiful house! Yes, unfortunately, the body is a cupboard for our hoarded thoughts too. And my diet is going well at the moment, though I do crave a glass of wine every now and again. I save it for weekends only! Pooh!

        • Can’t wait πŸ™‚ You’ll have to tell me your tipple so I can get some decent wine. I wouldn’t know vinegar from the good stuff. Well done with the diet. Wish I could say the same. Just discovered my favourite English chocolate bar on sale at Blockbuster of all places!

  2. How timely! There is clutter everywhere. On my tables, in my cupboards and on my blog. I don’t even know where to start. It’s exhausting even thinking about it. Sigh

    • When my place gets that bad I decide iI am going to put away 100 things and I count as I go. Every single item you rearrange counts! I usually get to about 50 and get distracted but it passes the time πŸ™‚

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