You’ve got me? Who’s got you? – Lois Lane to Superman

mother and child

I give full credit for my title to the 80s version of Superman. It’s a fantastic line, used in the trailers I seem to remember and used for the comedy value of it, but full of truth anyway. We laugh because we know that his strength ‘has’ him, that he is all powerful.

I wanted to use the actual image but it may be subject to copyright so here’s the next best thing.

Actually this may be a better image because that’s what it refers to. No, not Botticelli, or Jesus but a child looking up to a parent.

As small kids we think our parents have it all under control, that they are there to support us. How exactly? Financially perhaps, with love, protection, guidance maybe.

And just sometimes I feel like my kids should be asking ‘You’ve got me, who’s got you?’

That’s all. One little manifestation of my irrational mood these days……



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    • A fellow blogger told me to have a whinge and moan if I felt down instead of always looking at the sunny side, so that was my attempt :). Feeling much better now. Thanks

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