Who’s singing now?

Birds Singing

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song – Lou Holz

What does it take to make the birds sing every morning? Will they sing, good mood or bad, cold or wet, tired or afraid? I suspect they will, because they have a song and nothing will deter them from it. They are preprogrammed to sing. They know that’s what they do and it doesn’t occur to them to do otherwise as the sun comes up each day. And it probably makes them feel great! I learned that even faking a smile raises your happiness levels so those birds are probably on to something.


Let the Birds Sing


The birds in Sydney are noisy. The Kookaburras compete with the screeching Cockatoos, who drown out the Whip Birds and I think the rainbow coloured Lorikeets make a terrible racket, to be honest, much as I am in awe of their looks. With flowers, the sweetest smelling seem to be the plainest and perhaps so it is with birds; that the most beautiful make the worst noise and vice versa.

Anyway, back to the premise of this lovely quote, which is that we all have a song within us somewhere; a talent, a love for something, a gift perhaps. How often do we sing though? What stops us? What increases our confidence to new heights, full of ideas and certainty and inspiration one minute and then whips it all away?

I think that finding what you love, be it reading blogs or books, or admiring painting or photography etc will eventually lead to getting the confidence to create your own. Baby steps, a few notes which hopefully burgeon into a song or even an album.

I’ve read this morning of some people starting their blogs because they just enjoyed reading others’ blogs and wanted to have their own, and having to look for a subject to ‘sing ‘about. They found their voice and sung. Yay for them.

For others like me, it’s an outlet, a voice. I must sing, I simply must. My song is unfolding.


Find your song and sing it

Wishing you all a lovely song today and a bumptious and joyous rendition!





2 thoughts on “Who’s singing now?

  1. I love your song Emma. Keep it up. You make us think and ponder along with you. And the song doesn’t have to be full of cheer. Tell the truth about your feelings. When you feel the world is against you and you want a whine and a moan, do it and don’t apologize because others out there think we should be looking at the beautiful flowers and stars and showing gratitude for that. No, I say. There’s a time and place for gratitude and sometimes we just have to say it how it actually is for us, and save the sweetness and light for another day. I like it when you sing, no matter what the song.

  2. You can see through me. I wrote a post exactly like that yesterday saying that I need help basically but i had a good cry and didn’t post it. I have nothing to be ungrateful for. It’s all so irrational. I am so lucky so Wtf is wrong? Nothing has changed from when i was bouncing off the walls. Please tell me how to make the most of this down time

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