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I was reminded on my walk today of my 80 year old self. I totally believe I will live to a ripe old age, thanks to an unbidden Palm Reader in Paris who accosted me, made some predictions which came true within a month of meeting her, and because I love what she said. “You will live to be very old and will be very loved”. Maybe she says that to everyone but who doesn’t want to hear it?

Anyway I was reminded of my 80 year old self on my walk by suddenly looking up at the trees framed against the cloudless deep blue sky. These trees are in blossom (Summer here) with reds and oranges, and they looked amazing grouped together like that against the blue. I had never noticed them before even though I try to do this walk every day. I was climbing a steep path between two houses, about 1.7m wide, with 6 foot wooden fences either side of me. It’s easier to look down and concentrate in case you slip as it’s so steep than to look up. This sudden vision reminded me of my 80 year old self because I realised that I may not still be able to climb this hill at 80, so I should appreciate the hill and the unexpected view, all the more.

I love to dwell on my 80 year old self. When I find myself critical of my body, I have my 80 year old self tell me that I will always be beautiful at 46 and look at my skin now at 80, no longer so smooth, firm or relatively evenly toned. My 80 year old self reminds me when the girls are singing and playing the piano downstairs (like last night), that the music is extra special because I won’t always get to hear that once they move away and they may not even continue to sing together.

The old biddy likes to remind me at work that the point of working is not to get through today to make another dollar to pay the bills, because that just continues until you retire and then eventually become 80. The point is to enjoy each day that I can be well enough to work and converse with the lovely people there and feel useful and needed, adding a little of my energy, time and goodwill to the business.

Sadly I don’t have time to expand on the wisdom she imparts today as my 46 year old self smashed her passenger wing mirror over Christmas and is off to get it fixed before work, but my 80 year old self will have forgotten it anyway. She is very forgiving too of anything I’ve done so far!

Have you listened to your 80 year old self recently?

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4 thoughts on “The Best Advice

  1. Positive indeed. Nice perspective 🙂

    But, I did n’t listen to my 80 yr old self since time depends on me N i am immortal u know 😉

  2. Great read Emma! I’ve never wanted to live that long, so I could talk to my heavenly self! I don’t like the thought of being rickety, although there are some 80 year olds who are full of life and sparkle. I knew someone once who was always complaining about getting older and she said that she’d look at photos of herself only three years previously and see she was beautiful in that moment. I’m not sure she learned to appreciate this moment though. I’d hate to be so obsessed with aging. I love what you had to say and how you inspire yourself!

    • But you would be the sparkly 80 year old for sure Yaz! I unpermission you to not live that long 🙂 Tell you what; I will meet you ‘there’ and we can sparkle together and exchange stories about outlandish behaviour.

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