She says, she says, she just says!

Deep in thought

It’s one thing to have saying, it’s another to live by it – Gary & Shell

Who on earth are Gary and Shell? Shelley? Sounds like it came from a comedy programme.

Anyway, how appropriate, how fantastic. This blog has made me realise how common sayings are. I have become a ‘Saying bore’ and find myself talking in quotes. Do you speak quote? I know the point of this blog was to learn from quotes and I certainly have done – heaps, thank you very much. I should be grateful that ‘right thinking’ spreads in any way it can, and if sayings and quotes are the way to spread a little cheer and wisdom (every time I type wisdom I type wisdeom unless typing this has cured it).

For some reason the mind likes to take in smaller bytes of information. It’s doable. We remember songs better than exam material. We can remember phone numbers if they are a certain length but a couple of extra digits and I, for one, am sunk. We are apparently drawn to bullet points and blogs entitled ’10 ways to hide your farts’, according to Copyblogger, my bible to which I would refer to more often if I wanted to. I once read that we should replace the word ‘should’ with ‘I could if I wanted to’ and I liked it so much I try to live by it!! 🙂

Anyway now I have completely digressed. Ah yes, do we live by these sayings? Do they make us smile or nod in agreement or turn a lightbulb on in our heads but are forgotten in a nanosecond?

One small positive thought

Who cares? Every little helps and I believe all those little nuggets of wisdom accumulate, reaffirm what we believe, enlighten us a tad on this journey and bring us together. If someone quotes one of my favourites at me in conversation it’s like the sun has come out. Instant connection. Huge smile.

So I will continue to try to live by the sayings, use them in my thoughts and remember why I remembered them in the first place. And don’t forget to be completely fickle. It’s your world, your choice. I go by ‘In the waste or on your waist’ when I am dieting and resisting leftovers, but then I practise ‘Waste not, want not’ when scraping out the last of my face cream with a rubber spatula! Many conflict anyway and it’s how you interpret them that counts.

Do you have a favourite saying to share with me/us? First one that comes to mind? Please comment, even if it’s just the saying/quote.

5 thoughts on “She says, she says, she just says!

  1. One of my (twenty gazillion) favourites is ‘superiority is the greatest sign of inferiority’.. Like you Emma, I love quotes and dwell on them!

    • Brilliant. Love it. I hadn’t heard that one before! That would have been perfect for my post World of Fools – the boss who thought he was so superior!

    • Another excellent one. Thanks guys! I imagine this means that when you’re in a storm of some kind and you can’t escape it, you have to work with it and reduce the impact it’s having on you by understanding what’s going on.

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