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Raquel Welch

Being in a rush today, with dripping hair and a headache, I typed in ‘Vintage quotes’ on Pinterest because I am so impressed by the stunning images (and now GIFs – moving snapshots) on Old World Vintage Charm but instead of finding any amazing images like she uses, I scrolled down and down and found this one in there. How someone tagged this as Vintage quote, I don’t know.

Anyway I think this is terrific. This woman was/is long hailed as having an awesome body, so let’s take a look. Tiny waist, great curves (accentuated by the pose), shoulders and hips in proportion and seemingly endless legs.

If you look closer though, and if women wanted to be critical (I am sure there are no men complaining) you could say that she has a little pot belly, just an extra little mound below her belly button; and she has hips (god forbid, a woman has hips???); and some women with these legs might call them ‘chicken legs’, meaning much larger thighs than calves like a drumstick. There’s a slight chance (judging by the lack of tan underneath) that if she let go of her breasts, she might fail the ‘pencil test’ where hiding a pencil under your boob is a real possibility because it would be held in place by the folds (must remember that next time I want to hide something).

My point here is one that I often come to the conclusion of. It’s not what you see, it’s how you see it. I will take the pot belly, chicken legs, rounded breasts and thighs any day. How about I just accept them on myself? (no chicken legs here, just tree trunks). I think the trick to appreciating life is to let all the analysis and criticism go, and just


Disapproving Owl



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    • Yes I tried to strike her curvy pose and was struck dumb by how different I looked to Raquel! I am more in awe of her now….I’ve lost 4.5 kg with my other blog. Perhaps you could blog yourself thin too?

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