Anyone for Coffee?

Love Coffee

Thanks to Yaz Rooney for inviting me for coffee and for the tag. I would absolutely love to come. Only $1800 Sydney/Doha return 🙂

  1. How many cups of coffee per day? 4 – 5 though I am trying to replace my last one with Green Tea more regularly. It sounds worse than it is though as my idea of coffee is pathetic to everyone else. They joke about waving the coffee jar over the water, or the fact that it looks like dishwater. I like my coffee really weak.
  2. What is your favourite caffeine delivery system? If this means how do I usually have it – at home I have just discovered Moccona instant flavoured coffees (not sweet) – Caramel, Hazelnut and Vanilla. I am just trying to decide which one I like best and how to combine them. I don’t think I will go back to the normal stuff now. My life has actually changed for the better. I am an addict. At work it’s just the coffee machine, but I don’t let myself have the frothed milk as it’s too fattening, even skimmed.
  3. What was your best cup of coffee? When I was 15 I went to Sicily and discovered  Café Granita. OMG I still dream of those. Every cafe you went to made it slightly differently and it was refreshing, sweet, creamy, everything!! I must have had about 100 in 2 weeks. I have seen the recipes and keep meaning to make it at home but I daren’t. I tried once when I first got back to London but all I had was a hammer and ice and my stepdad’s revolting Chicory coffee. Yuk. But here is a Café Granita.  Kind of similar to Affogato – hot coffee with ice-cream.  YumCafe Granita
  4. What was your worst cup of coffee? Probably that one I tried to make to recreate a  Café Granita. If I get a slushy machine though I am trying again.
  5. What does your favourite mug say? My current favourite mug is almost like a ball, really large with pink starbursts on it. If a cup is too small I regularly finish the coffee without noticing and get really disappointed as I reach for another sip and it’s gone. It happens all the time when I am not in the present. I therefore have a big collection of large mugs. My favourite was a Christmas stocking gift from the kids one year and I get cranky if anyone else uses it. It doesn’t say anything on it. I quite like a cup at work that says OMG on one side and WTF on the other. Sorry for swearing!

The people I would love to invite for coffee are:

Yaz of course from Free Your Mind – we could compare all the countries each of us have lived in and then I would just let her do all the talking (almost impossible for me though when I’m happy) as she has so much to teach the world

Diane from The One Thing I Know for Sure – as she is already a fan of Yaz also, it would be amazing. Diane and I could discuss notes on writing fiction and crafting and a million other things

Little Miss Wordy – I like people who talk a lot so we can bounce off each other and I don’t feel I am hogging the conversation. If I haven’t confused my bloggers I think she lives in Puerto Rico at present (please confirm) so I think we should hold the coffee at her place

Colin DeWaay from uberbeastmode – He’s my biggest supporter on my other blog – Blog Myself Thin so he’s lovely and encouraging and would stop me eating tonnes of cakes and biscuits with my coffee

Adriana from Bent People – I gather she is in Sydney so this may become a reality one day. She might even get this naturally stiff old body into trying yoga again

Sara Jane from 140 Days of New Me – she has a beautiful singing voice and is fantastic at make-up too (has a second blog) so she could make us all over and entertain us as well as be part of the conversation. She also has a big heart!! Malta‘s not too far is it?

I’ve decided that the best part of blogging is not just the insights you get as you spill whatever’s on your mind day after day but the friends you make. These are just a few of the people very close to my heart that I have come across through blogging. But I love you all 🙂


16 thoughts on “Anyone for Coffee?

  1. It’ll be tea for me too. I’m only Italian by blood… ok, and for pasta and pizza too. Coffee, not in the veins I’m afraid. But I do make a killer brew with a very traditional technique that was passed down to me by my MAMA who taught it to me in her womens only club when I was a wee lass. Thank you… I love the idea… I’m slowly tracking down my in box to all my emails… Yaz, I’m getting to you… IT’s been a heck of a few weeks.

  2. Ok so that’s 3 1/2 teas and 2 coffees. I would start the conversation by asking about all of you being writers as I don’t know any in the real world 😦 Or IS THIS THE REAL WORLD???

  3. I’ve been sick for days and haven’t made it to this fun coffee club! 😦 Let’s definitely hold it Puerto Rico where we can gather on the patio and watch the palm trees sway in the breeze while we sip coffee or tea. 🙂

    • Ohhhh! I am SO there on your patio with everyone else. What a lovely thought! Great company. I wonder if there’s a bloggers convention? Let’s hold one in Puerto Rico. Might be a first! Glad you could make it to our gathering 🙂

  4. What a deliciously fun post! Decided to follow. Since the first of the year, I’ve been seriously cutting back on the caffeine. Been drinking yerba mate in the morning mostly and a mostly decaf coffee in the afternoon. I like my beverages strong!! And I like the biggest mug I can find. Your open-hearted invitation to join you for coffee is lovely. Old fashioned hospitality, I calls it. Blessings on your next cup — and the one after that, Alia

    • Thanks Alia. Welcome!! 🙂 I do like my coffee. Actually I like any food group consumed of a morning – breakfast and brunch and all those yummy carbohydrates. I will think of you when I have my next cup 🙂

      • Please love it up for me, as my body is making it clear to me that certain former eating patterns will not give me pleasure any longer. Like the young teen with the makeup case in her hand, her doll has been left in the corner. I do not miss what I am no longer consuming — but sometimes I am still greatly tempted with the IDEA of certain things. Fancy brunches and thick milky coffee drinks being high on the list. Love to you, Alia

        • That’s great that you can expand an IDEA of something enough to fill you up without needing it. What a skill! That would be the answer to my prayers. I only have the milky coffee occasionally. It is still a treat.

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