Why be dull?

Imperfection is beauty

This quote is supposed to be by Marilyn Monroe. Gotta love her. I seem to have mentioned her a couple of times in my blog before, so I suppose I must find her interesting.

My two favourite sayings are Why be dull? Which I heard on 4 Weddings and a Funeral many years ago, and of course Joy is Now.

If I think about it, being ‘dull’ means not being yourself. Not all of us are loud, extroverted, open books but even the quietest, seemingly most introverted must find their lives interesting, unless they are depressed. We are all drawn to things which interest the ego, to keep us amused on this journey. Even if they never share a thing with others, they are not dull if they are exploring their own interests and becoming who they were born to be.

I try to live outwardly by ‘why be dull’ which for me means I will steer polite, dull conversation into risqué areas such as feelings, experiences, sex and whatever else comes off the top of my head, even with complete strangers. I don’t want to talk about the economy or the news or the weather forecast. Actually I can’t anyway, because I don’t follow any of those. I weave my own path through what interests me and discuss those with others instead. For anyone not to be dull to the rest of the world, all they need to do is share what interests them (be themselves) and not keep it to themselves. I love to hear what excites other people. That’s why I love the world of blogging. A quick click on someone who likes my blog and you never know what they have that will interest you. That’s the beauty of it all, finding yourself and your interests unfold through the generosity of other undull people.

Anyway I digress. ‘Madness is genius’ – same line of thinking. Madness will cause people to furrow their brow in incomprehension, the same as a new idea, genius will. Are we all mad? I hope so.

‘Imperfection is beauty’. My boyfriend and I love Bollywood movies – all 3 ½ hours of each of them. The leading ladies are incredibly beautiful for the most part but not always, and my boyfriend favours the imperfect ones, such as the lady with the monobrow.  Ashwarya Rai for example is far too beautiful for him. I have learned to enjoy imperfection from him and I am grateful. On a quick aside, I love that the media seem to be going that way too. I can really see the diversity now in magazines over what is considered attractive and worth putting in print or on television, alongside the traditional. ‘Ugly models’, ‘large’ rears, dare I say it beautifully crafted tattoos?? 🙂 where ‘First you want to cry’.

So I will stick with being ‘absolutely ridiculous’ (and mad and imperfect) if I have to. A closer look at my Joy is Now Gravatar images (all me) confirms that I am, always have been and am not afraid to be. My greatest wish I realise is to make people laugh, so I can only start with making them smile. In my next life I’d like to be a comedian. How about you? Where do I put in my order?


3 thoughts on “Why be dull?

  1. I’m useless at ‘world talk’ too, and I love to explore people’s spiritual minds. If I can’t do that at a gathering, I’ll drink too much wine and have to be carried home….well sort of! I don’t want a next life. I’d rather be a shooting star or something. My hubby thinks I’m barking mad.

  2. Thank you for following my blog! I am looking forward to reading yours. Love Marilyn, and all gutsy women!

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