Joy is Now, Happy Christmas

Joy bauble

Today I will choose joy

I woke up at 5am for some reason today – Christmas day. I went to put another present under the tree; one which my daughter would guess if she saw it. Then I decided to tidy away every last thing I could so that when the mess starts, it wouldn’t be added to. Next I puffed up the sofa cushions and swept the floor so that when everyone wakes up it will look that bit more special. Next I took a photo of this year’s tree and ‘haul’.

And then I saw my Joy is Now sign in large wooden letters placed on the floor by my boyfriend. His idea was to move them around each week so that I didn’t get used to seeing them and was constantly reminded that every moment is as good as it gets. And what a day to be reminded! Christmas – the pinnacle of my joy (or so I thought) as a child. For all the wrong reasons maybe but either way my joy was my parents’ joy, and my siblings and anyone else there. Joy is Joy. As it says in one of these lovely quotes;

A joy shared is a joy made double


So my joy is now and I also get the anticipation of joy because my kids (all teenagers) still love Christmas and show it. So I agree with this quote


Seek joy in what you give


I have bought things which I believe will bring an extra twinkle to my kids’ eyes. That handbag that my daughter longed for and couldn’t possibly guess that I bought (for many reasons). That skirt for my other daughter which the first daughter and I already want to borrow and which we know she will just love. The books and clothes for my son which he will use the minute he opens them without saving anything at all for later. I love that about him. It takes him ages to open his presents this way but he really knows about Joy is Now and he continues to enjoy things Later also. 


Happiness is for this hour


But I don’t need for them all to wake up to experience joy. Joy is Now – in the anticipation, in the pottering around tidying up, in the blogging, which I didn’t think I would get time to do today.  I am soaking up the Christmas magic

Be filled with joy


What I buy my kids isn’t expensive in Western terms. Most is bought at Target and Kmart and Big W and there is lots of it – matching underwear sets for $9, a cheap video camera as a family gift for $49 which has a waterproof case  to use in the pool.  I think it’s the most expensive gift under the tree bar my new bedsheet and the gifts from their Dad, my ex, who is sleeping downstairs as a last minute surprise. Really it’s all kind of rubbish and yet the whole feeling of Christmas is still there, still magical. And long may it last.


Joy is not in things I can hear something. Better go. It’s time to share the joy

To have joy one must share it


Happy Christmas. May you find your joy in today, wherever and however it may lie. 


what brings you real joy


Or in the words of a Christmas Carol

Joy to the world









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    • Thanks. Hope yours was equally merry. What was with the constant rain, thunder and lightning that we had in Sydney? How were the Blue Mountains on Christmas Day?

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