What are you doing today?


Sometime today it’s the end of the world. I was slightly concerned when I first became aware of this. But it got me thinking, which I always enjoy. Then I read that the Mayans didn’t have leap years so, if it was supposed to happen it should have been around 6 months ago. Thanks for whoever wrote/made? that up! It provided a little relief but not as much as if I were truly concerned by my ‘end’. It will come when it will come.

 Maybe the Mayans really had a crystal ball and this was their way of trying to change the course of history, even if the end of the world isn’t nigh. Maybe they had a great sense of humour and left this as their little joke, as a serious way of getting people to change their thinking. Maybe we are reading it wrong and they are looking down from the Universe saying “No, not today you morons!!”

But if they are watching us somehow and are all knowing, they wouldn’t be bothered one way or another by anything. And nor should we.

 It may or may not be the end today. I am in Australia, towards the front of the clock so in effect ‘today’ is nearly 2 days long. Every ‘day’ is two days long actually. I never thought of it before! Cool!

If I really, truly believed it was the last day of my life today, I would think some more. A whole lot more. How would I want to spend these last moments? And I would have done a whole lot more. I would have changed my actions in the last few days, weeks, years. I would have worked out in enormous detail and moved with great energy and purpose towards everything I ever wanted to achieve. Or would I?

 Do you believe in fate or in having power over your own life and outcomes? How much responsibility do you take for things? Do you believe that you ultimately have some control? Are you then trying to control other people, your life and circumstances or your wayward mind? If others are controlling you, or you feel they are, how much does it bother you? How easy going are you? Can you accept anything in life?

Do you live in the present and value each moment as being equal or do you use the present purely as a means of getting to the (better) future? If you live in the present then you are in a state of bliss in each moment and it matters not a bit what you do in your last moments before the end of the world, or indeed the end of your own world, should you be hit by a bus today or something.

I have to say that this state of bliss sounds very appealing, should one ever achieve it. And if the world crumbles around you and you realise the Mayans were right, your adrenalin levels will not rocket, you will go in peace, wherever that is you are meant to go.

Today, (all two days), I wish you peace. If we wake up tomorrow, I wish you even more.

Calm in the chaos


4 thoughts on “What are you doing today?

  1. I believe that when we are born and when we die is mapped out for us… what we do in between is totally up to us.. I stopped worrying about when my end might be.. when it is it is.. hopefully I’ve done enough to have made it worthwhile.. Im still hoping its not for years to come but only because i hate missing out on stuff lol. 🙂

  2. I’d love it if it all ended! All us bloggers could meet among the stars for coffee, dance in the moonlight, explore all the other universes…the list goes on! What fun to be had. Most likely, we’ll all wake up tomorrow and go about life as usual!!!

    • Yup here we are but let’s not let that stop us meeting among the stars for coffee, dancing in the moonlight and exploring other universes. Can you point me in the right direction Yaz?

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