Who wants this?

Pretty fit

Who wants this kind of body?

What I love best about this photo is that she is smiling and looks pleased as punch and proud of her ‘work’. I imagine it would take a lot of effort to get a body like that. I personally don’t want one so strong and toned and would be very scared if I saw that in the mirror one morning. It wouldn’t be ‘me’, like wearing certain clothes isn’t ‘me’ and they would make me uncomfortable. My mind is not strong and toned. Does your mind usually match your body? Others will look at this image with envy, or react favourably because they know they are on their way to achieving this or appreciate the beauty of the human form.

And that is the joy of this life. There is something for everyone. For every ‘me’. We don’t all want the same things. Not only that; we might set out on a path to get one thing and end up with something else we like much more. Or even better, we can get our heads around anything and convince ourselves that absolutely everything we have is the most fantastic thing we could have had at this point in our lives.

Actually, look around at what you have… Your possessions, your body, the state of your mind, your friends, your job, your hobbies. You could test some things by the ‘is it beautiful or useful?’ rule. (I think you are supposed to throw it away if it isn’t but what about sentimental or humorous etc). Each ‘thing’ probably has some stored meaning for you – a memory, a purpose, a response to it. It’s hard to throw away your mind or your body but you could throw away the state it’s in now and work on creating ‘new’ states if that’s what you want.

Anyway, I am just happy that we do want different things. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Though many aspire to live in a mansion, many others couldn’t think of anything worse. Too precious. One person wants the limelight and the other is very private. One wants recognition for all they’ve done and the other would hate to be thrust in the spotlight, perhaps feeling guilty and undeserving. So there is abundance in this world; no lack – of love, joy, appreciation – the things which these ‘possessions’  bring you. The possessions themselves are actually immaterial; just a means to an end.

What do you actually want today?  To feel toned or worthy or clever or to have fun? Add an activity that makes you feel any of these to your ‘To do list‘ every day (if you keep lists) and if you don’t take the time to do it today, you will have to catch up and do two of those activities another day, or 3 activities, or however many you have put off. You may decide it felt more like a chore to do that thing, so you will make better choices tomorrow and know yourself a little better. Take 5 minutes!

It’s always a useful thing to know what you want on your way to a better life.



7 thoughts on “Who wants this?

  1. I love this Emma…Today? I’d kill for that body! But I wouldn’t work for it, no. Too much else is more important to me if the truth be told. My body? Its a pleasantly rounded, sort of droopy, slightly wobbly bundle of joy with, I can still happily say, some shape! Sounds exactly like my mind!

    • Maybe because I can be so focused and determined at times, I would rather have my softer, curvy, more feminine body (rather like yours by your description) than a rock hard, more masculine one. I feel it balances the sides of my personality out. Does that make sense?

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