Where the bell meets the silence

The day is too short


I just spent 40 minutes looking at quotes on Pinterest because I prefer to use a quote with an image now. More to think about and reflect on. I decided they were too direct and messagey in themselves so I went looking for quotes by Zig Ziglar and then by Winston Churchill and then just on the subject of Christmas. Nothing was satisfactory. This left me very little time to blog today but I still learned something, which is the point of blogging in the first place. To learn.

I learned that some days you are just not all there. Today the quotes were unsatisfactory, I was unsatisfactory. Nothing is sinking in. None of the beautiful quotes and images spoke to me and no doubt if I put my iPod on shuffle, I would keep on going because none of the songs I carefully downloaded after years of listening pleasure would speak to me either. I have a grey filter on my soul for as long as it lasts.

Other days I am spoiled for choice with quotes and images and I want to listen to and marvel at every beautiful song, every beautiful thing. On those days I feel just like John above. And those are the best days. You are interested in everything. Those are the days that are the polar opposite of depression when nothing interests you.

So today is just a ‘Blah’ day. That’s all I have today. The blahs and mehs too. Until …. a moment comes any time soon and I no longer have the blahs. The veil will be lifted. It could be in 10 seconds or it could be in an hour. I wonder if I will recognise the moment when the sun comes out, like the moment when the sound of a bell resonating in the silence meets only silence. It will be beautiful, all the more so because of recognising the blahs now.

So if you find your days are Too Short, just like Mr Burroughs above, you are incredibly lucky. Enjoy. Enjoy it all. Nothing will be completed and it doesn’t have to be if you are treasuring each happy thoughts and moment instead of needing to have done ‘ALL’ to rate it as perfect.

I am happy just thinking of that day to come. It could be any moment now 🙂


8 thoughts on “Where the bell meets the silence

  1. I too today have the ‘blah’ & ‘meh’s’ ….like standing with the fridge door open looking for whatever it is your hungry for…but your not hungry at all…just ‘blah’. Just an uninspired day.

    • Staring absently into the fridge perfectly describes it!! Luckily my fog lifted somewhere along the way today as I hoped it would. Could have been the chocolates at work or being super busy, or the sun coming out. I missed the moment of wake up somehow but am happy to be on the other side. Hope you wake up tomorrow with a spring in your step 🙂

  2. This is such a great insight! I’m going to take this advice to heart. Instead of feeling like I’m always running out of time to do all the things I want to do, I’m just going to be grateful that I have so many passions and interests! Thanks again. 🙂

    • Thanks so much. I used to get overwhelmed also when I wanted to do so much and couldn’t complete anything but I have learned from Barbara Sher to do a little of everything and love it all as you go along 🙂 I used to think I needed huge chunks of time to appreciate everything so I wouldn’t start but I now do things like juggle badly for 3 minutes, play piano for 10, paint for 20 or even only 5 minutes etc etc Heehee. Blogging takes hours though. Love it!

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