Step away from the Grinch

Keeping busy

Brilliant! I would like to extend this to criticising not just others but to criticising anything at all. As soon as I find myself being negative about the weather, something I’ve done, a person, the way someone navigates a roundabout, anything, I know it’s time to take stock and direct my focus to something more constructive.

On the subject of roundabouts just to digress for a minute I just want to share a little thing that I always do at roundabouts. I always indicate and then exit them really slowly so that the car waiting to enter will see the gap and be able to enter it themselves. I guess I enter roundabouts quickly and exit slowly. It’s like my little act of random kindness that I developed because of my daily commute. It’s very hard to enter a particular roundabout because it’s on a constantly flowing main road. Sometimes I even shout ‘Do you need a written invitation to enter?’ to the car hesitating in front. Of course I know it’s all about my being disorganised, late and impatient and I can usually put the responsibility back where it belongs, with me and settle down. I have no idea if the people I ‘help’ to enter are even grateful. But I feel good about it so I keep doing it just in case.

Anyway, this quote is awesome. It reminds me of another of my favourites which is ‘Never compete, create’ by Earl Nightingale. It’s about bringing the focus back to yourself for all the right reasons. Aren’t you always improving and refining your life, your things, your friendships, your world? Why do we get off that train occasionally? Usually when something or someone doesn’t act the way we think they should compared to our expectation. So lose the expectation, lose the ‘should’!!

Short and sweet today as I am still too filled with thoughts about the children of Newtown, CT. May every person who is touched by this tragedy find their own peace within.