When the world looks different

Upside down snowman

Anyway I am digressing from writing quotes by the ‘masters’ it seems and have lapsed into silly land but we are the master of our own blogs, king of the castle, creators of our little worlds so what the heck! I will still smile at this image in years to come when, as an old lady, I read these back!

But there is a message here, in this lovely seasonal snowman image. (Not so seasonal here actually as it’s Summer in Australia). There are a few messages for me:

  1. Look at things differently – HUGE message, HUGE – That is the answer to everything I am convinced. Change how you look at things (upside down if need be) in order to change the very same world you are living in. Hopefully you will like what you see with your new eyes much better and if you don’t look again until you do.  Gratitude helps.
  2. Sometimes you feel out of kilter, like you are seeing good things differently all of a sudden, like this week when I got massively hormonal. It came and kicked me in the gut basically and I had a good cry for no reason at all, amongst other dastardly acts. I was still a perfectly good, functioning snowman but I lost the plot, didn’t realise I was looking at things upside down and forgot that it was ‘me’, not ‘them’ playing up. Apologies help.
  3. Things can be turned right side up again, quite easily. This too shall pass. Don’t forget that bad moods go away and if you aren’t wild eyed enough to forget that it’s your hormones and that you are not actually bipolar, all the better. Mindfulness helps.
  4. It’s good for the brain to do things differently, I’ve heard. Take a different route to work, sit in a different desk in class, eat something different. Be unpredictable and you will grow as a person. Looking at a picture of a snowman may make me a little warm and fuzzy from memories past but this made me outright smile. Humour helps.
  5. Thanks to the person who thought up this idea for a snowman and made it.  Thanks to the person who pinned it on Pinterest. Thanks for my PMS passing so that I may laugh again. Actually just




5 thoughts on “When the world looks different

    • Thanks! We can’t build snowmen in Sydney so build one for me! I love the name Wrestling Pollyanna because I sometimes think people think I am ‘too’ cheerful! But I won’t wrestle with my own; I have come to love her!

      • I will build one for you, provided the snow actually appears this year – odds are good that it will.
        I’m ‘glad’ you like my blog name. With all the negative messages in our lives, it really can feel like a wrestling match to stay positive and looking at the bright-side. I hope my blog provides people with a positive spin on things. Stay cheerful – we attract what we project.

  1. Hope you’re feeling less topsy-turvey now! Thanks for your lovely comments Emma on my last blog of the year. I’ve also enjoyed all of yours, and you’ve given me much to ponder. We all see things from different perspectives which is why we need each other to get the full picture of the way things really are. I hope you enjoy the books. Dumisani’s Gift is very culturally-oriented towards South African deep racial issues, but in terms of the spiritual message, you will get something out of it. Rainbow Bridge is for a younger audience, yet adults seem to like it too! I had fun with that one. Anyway, have a lovely Christmas, Emma, and super new year celebrations. Lots of love to you all.

    • Yup I am right side up now thanks. I can laugh freely again even while frazzled at work! I will love your books, specially for the younger audience as I am really young immature, I mean young inside. Merry Christmas Santa’s top elf helper, writing your gifts for the world’s ‘children’. xx

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