I am off to Paradise


This is my idea of heaven! I’d rather be there right now. Why? What does it mean to me? Who would I want with me? What would I bring? What would I do? What would I feel?  Who would I be? What about this image is so special? Will I stop asking questions?

It’s just an image I came across while searching for an inspiring quote and decided to use as a reminder of the things I love. I am still thinking of yesterday’s ‘Don’t put off your Happy Life’ and what a Happy Life is to me. This place could be in it. I like to remind myself of the things I love and why.  I guess that’s the same as reminding myself of who I am. It’s important to me to remember my joys, dream a little, immerse myself. How often do you go for the things you love? Do you gather them in one place to save for later?  It takes just a minute to find something – go do it! And if you can’t indulge physically, take a moment to think about something special.  The brain doesn’t know the difference!