Don’t Put Off your Happy Life

Dont put off your happy life

(Illustration by Linzie Hunter)

I love this concept that we all have a Happy Life inside us! I know I certainly have one. I also know I personally have built any walls that temporarily keep me from it. Beliefs and attitudes and even brain connections and pre-programmed reactions that don’t serve me try hard to keep me away. But that Happy Life is shining behind through the gaps in the bricks, like the sun keeps shining behind the clouds. What a lovely surprise when you go up in an airplane, yet so obvious.

If I could stop whatever I am doing more often and ask what is between me and my Happy Life at this exact point in time, I might remove a brick or two. In fact Anthony Robbins says ‘Nothing has to change for you to be happy’. I know he means externally so if I can run with that, I can instantly remove the thoughts putting off my Happy Life and let some rays through.

I see many people whose lives are so filled with achieving every minute, dutiful to their families and the things they think they should do. They drive kids here and there, work extra hours to pay for gifts for others that they feel they should give to be seen as generous, sacrifice everything. I know that gives them great happiness. All that duty isn’t for me though. It’s only when I am still and fully present that the sun bursts forth and blinds me.

My happy life personally involves me-time and giving to myself what only I know that I need. I just need the stillness and space to make sense of it all. And while I am here I might as well get out the best china, wear the more delicate dresses, eat the expensive berries and actually sit by the pool instead of cleaning it!

Anyway I digress. Imagine sitting in the sun and it goes behind a cloud. You are suddenly very cold. You look up to see how long it will take to pass and gauge whether you should go indoors. You look to see how fast the clouds are moving and how light and sparse, or dark or solid they are. And when they do pass, the effect is immediate and huge. That sun warms like nothing else, except perhaps bliss. Perhaps we should look at our ‘problems’ as clouds, knowing that our Happy, sunny life is right above.

It’s cloudy right now, but I am picturing the sun doing its thing right above them instead. It’s a great feeling. My Happy Life is already here if only I remember.

Hello Sunshine

6 thoughts on “Don’t Put Off your Happy Life

  1. Anyway, you don´t digress at all 🙂 (divagate is a synonym) 🙂

    In order to let happiness shine, we have to have the guts to look unhappiness in the eyes and see it for what it is – ego…Ego meaning linearity, memory, time, chains of false relations, with other words, false identity…In timelessness all false relation stop. The difficult task is to observe this inner insidious inertia of this emotional-mental process and cease creating time.
    For this we need accurate and active but un-forced attention.

    Easier said than done, but if we look lucidly, in this very second, there are no problems.

    The Second in itself is never memory. But the mind has to be fresh – NOT MADE FRESH DELIBEARATELY – and fully aware of its intricate mechansims, in order to fully understand
    this freedom.

    Freedom is always illogical, it escapes all models, all “good” or “bad” intentions, it is neither this or that.

    See if can hear these words of mine with your heart not with your mind…;)

  2. Fantastic post, Emma, and the poster at the beginning went deep. I’ve been putting off a project and realized that if I was to move into that really sunny corner, I’d better get cracking! I love your analogies of clouds and sun. You are so articulate. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts wit h all of us. You are much needed around here!

    • Thanks Yaz. You are a definite ray of sunshine peeking through my clouds, for sure! I have thought about this a lot today; what my Happy Life is! It’s always good to touch base with wishes and dreams.

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