Beautiful people do not just happen

The most beautiful people

This is one of my beliefs, borne since becoming a blogger (which actually means reading others’ blogs more than writing my own). I am most drawn to and in awe of the people with ‘an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life’ or the will to understand it. You are beautiful.

So this little post is for the other bloggers out there with enough to say (or photograph) and the need to say or show it that they grabbed the confidence to share with the world.

I think the only difference between artists and others who would not call themselves creative is that artists take time to slow down, examine the world, find enough space between their ego and their inner self to let go and put themselves (their work) on the line (heehee online). We are not on a driven path (not anymore anyway) to somewhere but more in the present, observing. We are explorers in a way, pushing boundaries as soon as we see them.

Bloggers = writers = artists using words (or photographs) instead of paint.  Artists have a reputation for being unstable, depressed, doing their ‘best work’ when down etc etc. Think Van Gogh, musicians etc. If we were permanently ‘depressed’ we wouldn’t be getting out of bed long enough to blog. We have beautiful highs also. If depression is a distant memory it still shapes us and if it hangs around threatening to rear its ugly head it makes us appreciate the good times even more. Win win if you look at it the right way.

Anyway I digress. Thanks to the beautiful people out there taking unpaid time to write and share. Thank you for your gifts; they are much appreciated.


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16 thoughts on “Beautiful people do not just happen

  1. The words “you are beautiful” is a reminder of my mothers last words to me before she passed over… she had lost her sight yet her vision penetrated my soul. She held my hand tightly and pulled me in close to her and with a piercing gaze she stated “you are beautiful, really beautiful”… no other words have ever touched me so deeply. So thank you for drawing me back to that special moment.

    • They are awesome last words, BentPeople. What wonderful last words, to resound within you forever.

    • That is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us here. I am really touched. In her mind your mother could actually see you, how beautiful you were inside and out. I am sure that never a truer word was spoken.

  2. Love the name of your blog!!

    Love the quote about beautiful people, too. It really had me think, or realise, yes, that’s so true. Good post.

    • Thank you! Julien likes to give me a ‘hard’ time about the name of it, all the way from Sweden to Australia. I love it.. I discovered all these beautiful people here in blog-land and all have their own paths through the wilderness it seems but came out even lovelier people. I love Words Fall From My Eyes too – what an image it conjures up.

  3. This was written so well! Like a Masterpiece! What an awesome reminder… our lessons in life… no matter how hard, can be lessons for others. It is watching how we handle the falls that bring triumph to our journey!!!!

    • You are one of those people, for sure Diane, with a ‘deep, loving concern’. Thank you so much. Let’s not be afraid of the ‘falls’ 🙂

  4. I re-read this again and you are a WRITER…. though you are my favorite reader!!!! Sigh… soo appreciated!!! YOU my dear, have a gift for putting words together in such an artful way that you keep me also waiting for what comes next! Even to the point of reblogging on a blog I already commented on! lol.

  5. By the way… THANK YOU for all your time. I know reading all of my chapers was a gift to me… a labor of love… and it didn’t go unnoticed!

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