I Can’t Wait

Improve the world

This photo to my Western mind implies doing fantastic things in foreign lands for people who may not ‘have’ as much as we do in the West. The irony is that they may have more love, inner peace, understanding of the world and all those other wonderful invisible things but you can’t always see that in the media. You have to go there to see kids smiling to realise what they actually have and what can’t be taken away from the human spirit.

Of course Anne Frank wrote this when she was hiding from the Nazis in an attic in Holland so this may not be what she was referring to.

Either way, there are so many ways to improve the world!  Smiling at someone would have to be the easiest, especially if it starts a little ‘smile movement’. If you want to go one bigger, go and pay someone a heartfelt compliment, offer to help someone, donate to charity, clean your living space. Are they not all ‘improvements’? Do they improve your world? Do your actions improve your sense of who you are and what you can do for others or improve your happiness level? Improving yourself improves the world for a start!

Just being aware and happy for even a moment would be an improvement for many anxious or depressed people, lost in the turmoil of 21st Century competition in the West. “Achieve, keep up, do this, do that, do better, be a winner!” These words don’t elicit an improvement in my inner world so I have been searching for what does and as Anne Frank says, I don’t have to wait a single moment.

Every action you take is done in order to ‘improve’ your world in some way so do them with the love and care they deserve. Be aware of this and enjoy it all as you go and there’s your improvement right there.  So simple really. It’s just gratitude.


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