Masters of Silence

A Master doesn´t teach words, but Silence – Julien Matei

Mirrors of Encounters blog by Julien Matei 

I love this. And yet how ironic as I use words to express myself and the joy I have learned through being silent. By being silent I mean that I stopped chasing the things I thought I wanted on the outside to read, listen, learn and find what I needed on the inside.

I do not plan to stop writing. It soothes my soul and of course I am no Master. But it is true that Masters teach silence. I can’t speak for Buddha with any in depth knowledge but I know he would agree. Eckhart Tolle says in one of his two hour ‘intensives’ (his term) that ‘we are not sitting here today to add more but to take it away’ and that if you don’t ‘get it’ already then you will be extremely bored listening to his talks. He jokes that what he is trying to ‘assist the arrival of (because it is coming anyway)’ in the collective consciousness is EMPTINESS. And he can appreciate that it does not sound very exciting.

So how can silence/emptiness/nothing be of benefit? For me it gave me the chance to hear my inner voices more clearly. I would patiently listen to the negative voice within trying to make me feel bad, stupid, guilty for something I had done. Then I chose not to listen to it. If I wasn’t silent enough to really hear and be aware of the inner critic trying to undermine me, I could not have responded to with a more loving, constructive voice. It was just there fueled by others, fear and ignorance. And now it only whispers unconvincingly. The first step in fixing the ‘problem’ was being aware of it. I needed to hear it.

So there in the silence and stillness I found my answers, once I stopped looking so hard. The Masters continue to bring me silence. 



9 thoughts on “Masters of Silence

  1. So it is Emma. All problems originate from inner imbalance, simply put, problems are energetic disturbances on a very subtle level – a distempered kind of frequencies.
    Most people run away from themselves, being totally out of touch with their inner essence, chasing bitterly to fulfill their sense of inner incompleteness outwardly. In plain language, not only that they are not aware of their inner person, but they refuse vehemently to stop and listen to themselves. They don´t know, and don´t want to know what is happening within them inwardly. “If I hide from it, it will surely fade…” – incredibly “astute” philosophy of life…

    Not only they don´t fade, but these inner ruthlessly chaotic frequencies become in due time autonomous processes, increasingly taking control of people´s life, totally undermining their sanity and health…

    So basically the disease of our so-called modern age is the inability and disinterest to look inside, heed and witness the inner chaos.

    So there comes the whole significance of Silence. To dare to be silent is the readiness to accept your inner person.
    Only in silence one can be aware, distinguish, directly confront and stop the proliferating negativity. It is a hell of a toilsome process…- ask me!…

    Only our readiness to be silent is the antidote to these undermining negative voices – as you call them –
    voicese fueled both by our and others´, fear and ignorance.

    So it is: we need to diagnose and acknowledge our inner ailment if we want to recover…

    Only when we start being aware, the problems “whisper unconvincingly”. Just love the way yoh put it.

    • Beautifully explained as ever Julien. I know I didn’t do your quote justice. Glad you came to the party and thanks for the clarification. Thanks also for the ‘whisper unconvincingly’ tick of approval.

      • Oh but you did it justice in your way 🙂 That´s what it counts 😉

        We need guts to see inside in silent depth. What we encounter on the way…Mamma mia, inga lätta saker att svälja…


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