The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. Gustave Flaubert

Every day on WordPress, I seem to be rewarded with a brilliant quote on the subject of writing which appears as soon as I have posted, put there by WordPress. I quickly copy and paste it, to savour later, being the massive information hoarder that I am. This quote is brilliant and I hadn’t realised this discovery before,but of course it’s true.

I imagine we all have very different methods of churning out our blogs. Are we creatures of habit, writing at a certain time each day? Do we only write when we are completely inspired? Having put off writing anything more than To Do lists and Morning Pages and notes on books for years, I decided to be a little strict on myself once I started blogging.

The stick was needed. I sit down to write early nearly every morning. I have absolutely no clue what I am going to write about or what quote to use. It works for me because without preparation I don’t feel it has to be brilliant and I can ‘let go’ of the outcome of the writing – stats, likes, comments. They mean the world to me but I will write and post anyway, not if I feel something will have great merit. It’s a true gift if it resonates with others but I will do it anyway. And this quote describes in part why. I write to discover what’s there inside me; how far I have come to overcome past ‘angst’. Slight understatement actually!

Think how deep the recesses of our brains are; magnificent structures that we really know little about. Our bodies are so miraculous I don’t have words to do the whole nature thing justice. Our brains are like a picnic basket full of food which you slowly fill over the years. You vaguely remember packing it but don’t know exactly what’s in there or what you will have for lunch each day. There is such a variety that you could create anything! But until you get the things out and start working with them, you won’t know what kind of sandwiches, or fruit salad or cocktails you could create. We think we know what’s in our mind, hearts and thoughts. We think we hear it every day on repeat; the endless chatter. We think we know how we’d react in certain situations, but we probably don’t until faced with them. And I believe we have no idea of what we are capable of until we open the basket and start creating.

So for me, writing every day is really exciting. The mind makes its random connections and I follow them down the rabbit hole each time. I allow myself to digress. I allow myself anything I like. Until I allowed myself, let go and accepted what appeared without judgement I couldn’t find this incredible peace that I feel now. I am learning what I am capable of. Maybe I will even write a book!

And if I ever feel troubled by being a little too open at times, telling my personal stories to essentially the world, (because I’ve heard that what’s on the internet never gets destroyed somehow), I remind myself that it’s OK. I am in safe hands. My hands, or rather my outlook. Others can’t hurt me without my permission. I am slowly testing that. I seem to be attracting and connecting with good souls, loving, creative authentic people and it is proving my theory that mankind is loving and decent, interested and interesting, wanting the best for each other and willing to be open to continually learning by reading and sharing. I love the sharing!

So yes Gustave, well put, thank you for bringing it to my attention.




2 thoughts on “Discovery

  1. I like the reference to following random thoughts down the rabbit hole. That is how I think too and have been having some success when I do that..thanks

    • I sometimes feel I should be more cohesive but I like making the connections. It’s unpredictable and what makes us unique. No, thank you – for commenting Rick

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