Looking Out, Looking In

Do you see what I see? – a song I heard recently

Today I am ready to self combust!! I couldn’t put a good (Barbara Sher) book down and now feel late and pressured. Maybe because of it, my mind is racing, full of ideas I want to write about. I ran rather than walked today, forgot to smell the jasmine, hear my iPod or take in the view. However when I snapped out of the mindstream and ‘came to’, I examined with ‘new eyes’ two houses that I always pass, as I waited to cross the road. And I just stopped. Present. Aware.

The spectacularly different houses are butted up next to each other. What they have in common is a close view of the water but that’s almost all they have. One is new and very modern, rendered dark grey, mostly glass, no redeeming features except for a few designer cacti to break up the squareness and masculinity of it all. And the other I call the ‘lacey’ house due to its white iron fretwork on every conceivable surface and railing. It is traditional brick with three peaks, very detailed with multi-paned windows and fluffy curtains. They look most conspicuous next to each other.

Looking in at the houses I would have to say I feel more in common with the pretty, feminine one, all cuddly and cosy, however having been inside it and having seen the view from the other in a magazine shoot, looking out I would probably prefer to live in the modern one. Fresh, open, outward looking, simple and uncluttered, making the most of its surroundings.

Every choice we make is a reflection of our personality including the homes we live in. Do we prefer our homes to look good from the outside looking in, or from the inside looking out?

Do we look out or look in at ourselves? Do we prefer that others look in and see us as something to admire or do we prefer to work on looking out, on our outlook and be someone who we ourselves can admire and live comfortably with?

This seems like an obvious question but it can be conflicting.  Some of what I do has been labelled selfish by others looking in, but looking out I see it as the right thing to do and until I can fully realise the value of looking out versus looking in I may question myself. I guess my point is, listen to yourself.