The Ugly Ducking has Landed

Take time to smell the roses – Unknown author

OK I am completely cheating here. I think that’s the quote and I don’t know who by but I had to use it as it is shouting at me today. I am reminded by lovely Coastal Mom, Diane  whom I just ‘met’ yesterday (and is connecting online not exactly the same thing – it touches your soul and you know you would jump for joy to meet in person) to smell the roses. I am walking through this garden not to get to the other side but to enjoy it all!

Today to smell the roses for me means to really appreciate the massive benefit I have received from blogging. It only really started nearly 3 weeks ago that people started reading anything I wrote. I got likes and comments. Woo hoo! Though I know I could be like a virgin blogger falling in love with that first ‘high’ and that it will likely settle, I don’t care. These highs are glorious moments in my life and I will hug them to me and remember them always. Who doesn’t remember falling in love? Fall in love with everything, everyone and every situation you can! In a way I already did crash as I began to question the motives of other bloggers which is the same as questioning my own motives for blogging. (All criticism is self criticism – see my post). Stats became all too important for a few days. But they are just a number! Then I remembered why being the authentic me in writing is so important to my soul, and I loved it even when anonymous, and I bounced back.

Now I am continually reminded by the beautiful people who come out of the woodwork, what the roses smell like! You smell fragrant, sweet, heady and intoxicating, peeps!

Today I see it with total clarity. At risk of looking naïve and cheesy and Pollyanna, I want to shout my joy and gratitude right here at my kitchen table before work!

I started blogging (my 40 minute morning blurt before work, unedited) as a great way to achieve more in my day than work, look after two of my kids and my house, read and sleep. I was troubled inside. Something was missing. I wanted inner peace and had no clue where to find it! Well I finally found it and not by having a million views or likes or making money. The success is in being creative, authentic and finding connection and support. Success is lifting my already rosy view of humanity to new heights and feeling warm and fuzzy. I take that with me and it colours my day.It’s inside me now.

Anyway I digress. I could spend every morning reading other blog posts that speak to me, replying to comments and further connecting with gorgeous people instead of writing but it’s a balance. The increased energy I have means I whiz through the mundane after work to get to you people, thank goodness. You rock. Thank you world, thank you internet, thank you weblog inventor and thank you lovely people for taking the time to connect with others and for being swans. The ugly ducking has landed.


15 thoughts on “The Ugly Ducking has Landed

  1. This is good and so it is:

    “The success is in being creative, authentic and finding connection and support. Success is lifting my already rosy view of humanity to new heights and feeling warm and fuzzy. I take that with me and it colours my day.It’s inside me now.”

    We see and back each other, that is really smth immensely valuable! I had recently written about my definition of love – that is when someone gives you back to yourself. That is what happens when true and straight communication takes place:


    • You’re right. I am digressing less and less. Maybe I need to change the name of my blog – NAH!!! Hehe, you should hear me speak. I always forget what I was talking about 🙂

      • Hahaha…that´s good. The more you forget, the more you are bound to know. :)) Namnet på din blogg ja…har tänkt samma sak…Bra att du själv säger det.
        So instead of talking, sing! 🙂 Who cares if you remember or forget what you sing…?

        Kram på dig

  2. This is lovely Emma. I love all the interconnection we have with each other. Its vital to our spiritual health to share ideas, bandy them about. We don’t have to agree, and its fun to hear radically different views.

    • It’s so true, we don’t have to agree with other people, in fact we should be surprised when we do as we all are so completely and utterly unique. Thanks Yaz

  3. Hej Julien,
    I will leave the singing to my beautiful daughters now thanks, though I used to sing in choirs and acapella groups. Love the harmonies!! I get goosebumps. Were you thinking I should change my blog name or you change yours ?? 🙂

  4. Hi Emma, thanks for your vote on my award, but I don’t think such a facility exists! I very much appreciate the thought though.

  5. You my dear, have bypassed everything and turned into a beautiful swan in record time! Funny, I think we all connect more when we write about this subject! The high we get from being recognized right where we are, feather flailing (is that a word?) vulnerable… and I love it… as you described…. virginal…. we edit the heck out of everything and yet like Sally Field when we are liked it is an amazingly intoxicating feeling… but even more so when we find a place to hang out and do what we love best it is just like winning an academy award…. when someone takes the time to read what you wrote. As I put my book out there… it has been hard… I have stored it away for over three years and if people don’t read it, I am glad that don’t click LIKE just to be kind… but it is all a very vulnerable place to be and yet… soooo rewarding when we connect wit one another… I think that it would be so fun for someday… all of us who have really, truly “connected” here plan a yayya sisterhood trip to one of the Writer’s Conferences …. Ya think?
    By the way… thanks for the blurb… you are so funny!
    I love ya!

    • Oh you are gorgeous! I’m in! Ya, ah think!! Where are we all meeting Diane? The world is our oyster. Can it be somewhere with green sea like Tahiti, with no phones and only one laptop to upload our blogs to and share between endless chats through the night. What blurb? Hehe I read a book on how to write funny. I will have to read my notes on it!! How is the editing coming? R U on FB??

    • Don’t see nothin’ ugly ’bout you Sarah Jane!! 🙂 Hope all is well in Malta. My British family holiday there every year. They just love it!

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