The Greatest Love of All

Do the world a favour and fall in love with yourself – Damon Gautama

There’s this wonderful, spiritual chap in Golden, Colorado who has been pumping out his wisdom for over a year now, with no huge following, and no need of one; in fact I don’t think he even had a Follow me button until recently. Another blogger told me about him. Word of mouth is always good.

Anyway, he is not usually a man of many words, our Damon but when he writes, it’s pretty deep and sometimes even a little too much so, being so smart and all. I really have to get my head around a lot of his work, but it’s worth it. He also knows a fair bit about quantum physics, which is fascinating.

So his post today is so simple for him, yet so eloquent. Why is it doing the world a favour to fall in love with yourself? My teenager just said ‘that’s narcissistic’ but I said ‘Aha that’s just it; it’s not to me; it’s perfect’. And until you do fall in love with yourself, accept yourself warts and all, this is exactly the attitude you would have. A belief that it’s not allowed for some unknown reason. You’d fear shining a light upon yourself, standing out, of being seen as ridiculous, because surely if you told anyone else, you would invite them wordlessly to disagree that you are so worthy of this self love.

But widespread self love would actually be a joy to behold. It doesn’t mean you take on airs and graces. When you love yourself, you also love others equally so you don’t assume you are above them, by definition. And once you free yourself from the binds of low self esteem, you can allow yourself to give your all. You are no longer bound, and your creativity and self expression has no boundaries – look how the three words relate ; binds, bound and boundary!! Free yourself. Once you are expressing your glorious self, you are filled with passion, energy appears from nowhere and you are great to have around. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Even smiling is contagious as you will have noticed.

So I don’t care how others might judge those who love themselves. I might have done too in the past. I remember a mother saying “Why does my talented son have no confidence, yet my seemingly talentless stepson has it in spades?” Maybe the answer was in the question. I am just glad for the seemingly talentless one. Their talent is to teach everyone else that they can be great too; that they have a lot to give. They are doing the world a favour!

On a side note, I am reading the Fifty Shades of Grey series and loving it. Yes, it could be better written. Yes it repeats itself a little and ecstasy comes a tad too easily, but I am thrilled for EL James and thrilled for the rest of us also. She has given so much joy to her blog followers, book readers and probably cinema goers once the film comes out. She has also given hope to all writers out there if fame is what they seek. EL James snuck past ‘the gatekeepers’ who would surely not have published her writing. I admire her even more for her confidence in getting her talent for a story out there; irrespective of what the naysayers see as a lack of writing skills to go with it. She is proof of the power of belief against all odds; that everyone has genius if we could only see it.

She did the world a favour and I hope everyone else does too. Dust off your talents and fall in love with yourself for whatever reason. The world will be richer for it. 


12 thoughts on “The Greatest Love of All

    • Thanks Yaz. Loving your Nanowego (?) month posts (What does it stand for??) I wrote Love and Joy on the Department water cooler at work today then sent everyone an email with a link to your blog so they knew why. I will change the message with each refillable water bottle.

      • Great idea for the water cooler, Emma! Corporate organizations need stuff like that. I think I might write ‘thin’ on my bum, and see if that works better than Atkins! I think the woman in ‘What the Bleep’ did something like that. I saw that movie years ago.

        As for WEGO I think it means We Go. They don’t explain it on their site, but I heard another blogger say it.

        Lots of love! Wish we could have a cuppa together!

  1. This is really beautiful. A friend of mine is a high school social worker. She asked a group of teenage girls to say one nice thing about the person next to them, so each girl went around the circle sharing their compliments with one another. Then, she asked them to say one nice thing about themselves, but no one spoke up; No one had anything to say. We don’t love ourselves enough, and this is a delightful reminder to do so.

    • Thanks Jeff! I hope those high school girls get used to saying nice things about themselves. I will now ask all my kids’ friends to do that when they visit. What a great idea. I was surprised my 17 year old was so against the statement. I have the Whitney Houston song in my head since I wrote this blog, because of the title. I think she is saying/singing the same thing. It took me years to get this concept. I don’t know what switched the light on. Blogging I think 🙂

  2. This is pure genius! Kind of the platform for my book. As a young girl, I know I never loved myself. And so, I allowed me to not be tuly loved by the people I chose because they didn’t love themselves. Funny, how obvious it all is now. But what a great message to get out to young people and how simple!!!! In a way I have in regard to my daughter. I know she loves herself. I set out to teach her how to love herself. And as you said, not in a narccistic way, but to embrace all her talents. Wow, I think you have inspired me to keep this circle going and blog EVEN during my hiatus as I am trying to work on editing my book…. though I have been allowing myself to wander around in a few worthy posts and so glad I found yours! It has been inspiring! Thank you.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. To think I might have inspired you to keep up the blogging during your hiatus. Editing is so hard. Removing words is trickier than writing them isn’t it? Maybe it will be a nice balance for you to be doing both. It probably uses different parts of your brain. I can’t not blog each day now. I have to let it out 🙂 Your daughter is lucky. Sounds like you have taught her well. If we can ‘break the chain’ and give them more because we realise that we ‘received’ less, the next generations will certainly benefit, even one lucky daughter at a time.

    • Thanks Little Miss Wordy. I am enjoying your blog and oh so jealous of the locale. Just the colour of the water would lift my spirits every moment!

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