Yaz has done it again. It was mentioned in the movie What the Bleep but this is amazing!


Would you be surprised to learn that water has memory? Would you wonder in amazement to find that water holds a complete library of information about anything it comes into contact with?  This information was  re-introduced to the scientific community in 1988 by way of French scientist Dr. Jacques Benveniste, who had taken an allergic substance, put it in a container of water, then diluted it so many times over, that there was nothing left of it in the water. When he introduced this water to living cells, he found it still created an allergic reaction. This wasn’t news to the homeopathic community for whom the entire basis of homeopathic medicine is founded on this dilution principle. Homeopathic remedies are prepared by what is termed ‘a system of dilution and succession’, in which vigorous shaking is involved. And while science cannot understand how it works, the proof of its efficacy…

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  1. Laughed my head off at your comment that if we put a sign saying thin on ourselves, will it affect our water molecules to slim us down! I would put FLAT on my tummy! I have been telling everyone about this and putting the sign on my water cooler at work. I think it’s spreading!

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