Mirror to your truth

The Mirrors come in different ways – Yaz Rooney


Barring my daughters, this is my favourite lady in the whole world. She radiates love and light all the way from Doha. I can feel it here in Australia. We have not met yet I feel I know her. We have not spoken yet I feel we have spoken more deeply than during any conversation I have had. I am but one of many dedicated followers, yet she makes me feel I am the only one. She truly deserves all the blogging awards she has received.

Yaz makes a great suggestion that we take a moment to be still before we read her blogs. It’s a great suggestion for life, not just in order to accept the gift of her words. How easy is it to skim over information and how quickly we would forget it afterwards. Easy come, easy go. I shall take a minute before I continue to write.

These words are not actually a quote of hers. She wrote them (effortlessly as always) in a comment she posted on my blog this week when I asked for help. I knew that if I went looking through her works (for each post is a well thought out piece) for something truly worthy of her, that I would not have time to write today. I would be lost under her spell. So these simple words which probably do not do her justice are all I offer today. She needs no justice though and would certainly not ask for it. She is whole. She has achieved unity. My words, not hers.

Anyway I digress. ‘The mirrors come in different ways’. What does she mean by mirror? By definition it is something which reflects back; something which shows us more of what and who we are. It is an eye-opener, a teacher, a healer if we let it be.

We look in glass mirrors for more information about ourselves. We do it willingly and for a purpose, to check our reflection; what we are projecting outwardly. But if we look carefully at this Quantum cocktail, the mirrors are everywhere and they reflect everything about us inwardly; not the story of who we think we are but who we really are.

Look around and most everything you see is a mirror of you. The physical things reflect your tastes, your generosity and your budget. Your friends reflect your personality. List their good points and try denying that it is not your very own identical traits that drew you to them. Your family reflect the lessons you will be faced with repeatedly through life, which you may need to learn, however difficult. Your conflicts are the true mirror of your self awareness. If we were truly aware, there would be no conflict. We would understand. And your overall state of being reflects where you are in your journey.

These reflections are just snapshots, instantly out of date for we change by the second. It’s impossible not to, especially if we are awake. Reflect upon your reflection but only for a moment. There is too much living to do.

So yes, Yaz, the mirrors do indeed come in different ways. We live in a hall of mirrors don’t we, an inverted disco ball? Thanks for prompting my exploration of this subject. As usual I have learned today by simply writing.


2 thoughts on “Mirror to your truth

  1. Oh Emma, you are so kind, you made me cry! Now I’ve got puffy eyes, so you need a spank! I love your blogs too, because its obvious you care about your growth and pay attention to the way in which your words and approach affect people. I’m always drawn to people like this. I love you too and would give you a big squeezy hug if you were here!

    • Awww, big hugs back Yaz. I imagine we will meet some day and in the meantime know that I am in awe. I don’t know that much about you externally but I see your internal spirit in your words and feel so lucky to have found you in the sea of bloggers. There are some really genuine, fantastic people out there and that has been the biggest gift in this blogging journey. I stated that I wanted to find ‘my tribe’ by blogging and I am. It’s even growing. I just wasn’t expecting to find a queen bee but here you are.

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