4 thoughts on “Chain of Dreams

  1. Wonderful. I hope you make them all manifest. The world becomes a better place when we realize our worth.

  2. Thank you Emma for all your lovely comments. You really are very special. I’m so glad that we’re friends.

  3. No Yaz, thank you! Your site is one of the ones I know is full of good things I need to read. I get to it when I can, like a treasured book. In fact you inspired to not write about a quote but to make up my own today – not sure where it even came from! Two ideas popped their little heads up last night. I have never written anything like this in my life, but I like exploring. My dreams have already come true – blogging, connecting, learning and growing which is why I am thanking you all. The comments really inspire. Hope you don’t mind my posting so many on your site 🙂

  4. A chain of dreams, tugging on them…. what imagery. Very thought provoking.

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