What’s in your fridge?

Whenever you fall, pick up something – Oswald Theodore Avery

Just now I dropped an open tub of margarine. In the millisecond it took to fall, I know I furrowed my brow as I expected it to splat all over the floor. I also remember being curious while it actually fell as I had never dropped one before (and you would usually call me Miss Accident Prone Butterfingers).  I knew I was about to learn something.

Of course, because it had only just come out of the fridge, first thing in the morning, nothing much happened when it hit the floor. It didn’t splatter or leave the container, the container didn’t break or even dent and I didn’t have anything to clear up. It actually bounced. I quickly retrieved it, still exactly as it was before I dropped it.

It got me thinking though! What I realised was that if the margarine had been out all night, it would likely have melted somewhat, and made a mess on impact.

That could be a metaphor for us as people. Where have we been ‘all night’? What consistency are we, before any ‘disaster’ occurs? Will we fall apart or hold together? How can we come out of the fridge often and long enough to give of ourselves (to my raisin toast this morning) but remain essentially in an environment that nurtures us and makes us strong enough to cope, until we are all used up? My fridge is filled with great people, (the ability to find the great in everyone), freedom, (the ability to enjoy the freedom of even a few spare minutes or freedom of my thoughts) and learning from whatever and whomever I can. What’s in your fridge?

PS I wrote this, because I couldn’t stop myself; being a ‘writer’. “A writer is a person who writes”. Then I decided to use this thought for my post today so I can spend time editing past rambling ones instead. I don’t have a quote about butter however this seemed pretty close! I could rephrase it ‘Whenever you drop something, pick something else up, even if it’s just an idea’ – Emma Victoria Capell.

It’s tempting to keep writing (and digressing) on this subject, but today Less will have to be More.


2 thoughts on “What’s in your fridge?

  1. This is incredibly insightful — and a great reminder to take care of ourselves during the calm times so we have the emotional set point necessary to meet calamity with mindfulness. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much!! I hope you are taking care of yourself in whichever way is the most meaningful for you – physically, mentally or lovingly. And keep dancing! Gracias.

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